875 Stevenson Street

The ten-story building at 875 Stevenson Street was constructed as an expansion of the San Francisco Mart and Western Merchandise Exchange building at 1355 Market Street in 1975.

Recently re-skinned and redeveloped as part of Shorenstein’s Market Square development, and with plans for a 35-foot skybridge to be built between the upper floors of the buildings now being explored, Twitter will be expanding from 1355 Market into the Stevenson Street building next year.

Unfortunately for Shorenstein, which has spent “significant monies” to brand the building as “1 TENth” and has been marketing the building as such, only corner buildings in San Francisco can be numbered “1” and a request to change the building’s address from 875 Stevenson to 1 Tenth has been denied.  And the appeal of said denial has been rejected as well.

Unless San Francisco’s Board of Appeals agrees to re-hear the appeal and reverse their vote this week, Twitter won’t be expanding into 1 Tenth, but the company will likely be expanding into “11 Tenth,” which is the address the City recommends be adopted for the 875 Stevenson building now that Stevenson is no longer a street.


6 thoughts on “Twitter Won’t Be Expanding Into “1 Tenth””
  1. There is a high rise building going up on 60th Street in NY which is two independent buildings west of Park Avenue. The developer bought the “air rights” of those two, which gives him the right to give his new building a Park Avenue address. Since Shorenstein already owns the air rights to the corner building, is he allowed to cede them to the new building and give it the “corner” address of 1 Tenth ? The city could collect some transfer tax for the air rights transfer.

    1. Wouldn’t that violate one of the basic organizing principles, that 10th St. has odd addresses on the east side and even ones on the west side?

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