2170 Jackson Street

Listed for $8.6 million in May and reduced to $7.6 million in early October, the asking price for the full-floor Pacific Heights cooperative apartment which was taken down to the studs and turned into a luxury Faraday cage with views has just been reduced by another $1.9 million (25 percent), now asking $5.7 million for 2170 Jackson Street #4.

Purchased for $2.7 million in 2007, the 3,400-square-foot unit was subsequently gutted; every external wall, sub-floor and ceiling surface was painted with a thick semi-conducting paint; the floors were connected with wire tape to the walls; the walls were connected with wire strips to the ceiling; and every window was covered with a film of EMF blocking polymer in an attempt to block all EMF radiation – such as the signals generated by cell phones, cell phone towers and WiFi networks – from entering the 3,400-square-foot unit.

Many of those that would be interested in the property have already likely invested in EMF Clothing, ahead of the recent 5G phone network situation that is currently being implemented across the country. Having a home that is safe from EMF radiation to this extent is no doubt a draw of the property.

Or in the words of the listing, the price for which has been reduced by 33 percent since May: “This unique home offers true EMF protection, for people who care about their health, a rare and special feature.”

11 thoughts on “Multi-Million Dollar Price Cut For Luxury Faraday Cage With Views”
  1. “This unique home offers true EMF protection, for people who care about their health, a rare and special feature.”

    The person who did this was a rare and special…

  2. Instead of touting the snake oil health benefits of lowered (not eliminated) EMF, the sellers should shoot for the “Guest’s cellphones won’t be a distraction” angle.

    1. The f-cage stuff is fairly innocuous with the exception of blocking cellphone calls. So no need to remove unless not being able to receive a call at home is a problem. And ironically the cheapest solution is to add a “mini-cell” transmitter in your home to defeat the f-cage.

      Another much more practical angle to sell this feature is to those who want to defeat bugging devices and passive Tempest style monitoring: foreign diplomatic missions, gangsters, and various underworld critters. Small market that.

    1. People wear sunblock to reduce their EMF radiation dose. Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation with frequencies greater than the visible spectrum (including UV, x-rays, and gamma rays) can ionize atoms in your body and cause cancer. We’ve known that for decades.

      Most likely this place was primarily rigged to reduce the dose from frequencies less than the visible spectrum, like those used for radio, tv, cell, and microwave communications. That’s where debates about the hazards and reasonable mitigation measures usually generate more heat than light.

  3. “… UV, x-rays, and gamma rays… “

    Most of that radiation comes in from outer space (unless you live next to an unlicensed radiology clinic or experimental nuclear reactor). Which I why I’m going to begin a kickstarter for a lead lined fedora . “Better than tin foil. And more stylish!” will be the marketing buzz.

    1. My tinfoil hat is atmospheric. Fortified with a slathering of nano-scale metal oxides and my wearable radon detector, I am ready for close encounters of a radioactive kind. Hope the disclosure statement for this property mentions being daily in line-of-sight of a rather large uncontained fusion reactor.

  4. UPDATE: Having been newly photographed, 2170 Jackson Street #4 has just returned to the MLS listed for $5.7 million for the second time in three months but now with an official “1” day on the market according to industry stats.

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