590-600 Minnesota Street Site

As rumored earlier this year, UCSF has purchased the low-slung industrial properties at 590 and 600 Minnesota Street, on either side of 18th Street, on the border of Dogpatch and Mission Bay.

590-600 Minnesota Site

The parcels are zoned for development up to 58-feet in height and Urban Mixed Use, which includes up to 1,000 units of housing which UCSF is expected to build for its students and faculty.

26 thoughts on “UCSF Buys Dogpatch Parcels To Build Up To 1,000 Units Of Housing”
  1. Zoned to 58 feet?? The people zoning these areas are clearly smoking pot. 80 ft should be the minimum in all new development and 200 ft should be the average…especially in undeveloped areas like the dogpatch.

    1. …but depending on how they are entitled, if UCSF acts as the lead agency wouldn’t *necessarily* be beholden to the zoning height limit…

    2. my bet is they’ll want to stick to 5 wood stories over a 2-deck concrete podium to keep the construction costs down. and if this is restricted to faculty and staff, UCSF won’t be subject to SF’s planning regs.

  2. Rental housing I assume. As students are there for just a relatively short period of time. Being students with large loans do we know if the housing will be partially subsidized by UCSF in terms of rental cost.

    On going taller, I don’t think the surrounding area would put up with anything much more than 4 or 5 stories so why maybe it is not zoned for 80 feet?

    This will be somewhat of a transitional housing complex. Probably not many long-term residents who feel a stake in the neighborhood. Wonder how that will impact the neighborhood.

    Good UCSF is doing this. Google is building residences (large condo/apartment complex) in MV. .

        1. and starving students will have to fork over the dollars in the form of taxes so they end up paying for it anyway.

    1. “Transitional housing?” No “stake” in the community in which they live, work, and study? Faculty housing will be long term. And students may stay for several years. This will be great for the surrounding neighborhood.

      1. Agreed. UCSF is very different from a typical 4 year university. My current doctor was a student turned fellow turned full-time physician. It would be great to have housing that encourages this career path for others.

      2. Not saying it won’t be good. It will be different that is all.

        How that affects the surrounding neighborhood will be fascinating to watch. From the photo this project is hemmed in by the freeway and a bit south low scale residential development. I doubt either will give though some of the immediate adjacent blocks might.

  3. It can be hard to recruit good staff when the cost of living is so high compared to the salary you offer (and there is only so much salary one can offer on grants and tuition). This is a good solution – offer your own housing.

  4. this is fantastic. It also helps make Mariposa Park make at least a little more sense. Rode by on my bike last weekend, and it just felt like…..why would anyone build a park here? Wish they were also taking the remainder of the block immediately north (fronting the park).

  5. This could be a nice addition to the hood. The future residents will have a short walk to either the little stretch of retail up on 18th St. or down to Third / 22nd Sts. Hopefully the ground floor will have some amount of neighborhood serving retail, a small cafe for the students perhaps.

  6. It was a bit of a shock to see the photos of the existing buildings. I mean, I know they are there, I’ve passed them many times. But just to see them highlighted – here is the existing land use in one of the hottest markets around… 1-2 story warehouses

      1. Anti-American Communist! The only valid living arrangement is the single family house. Preferably on a cul de sac with at least two parking spaces!

  7. My question remains, if this is housing dedicated to UCSF students and faculty who are having a hard time finding affordable housing in SF, there presumably is something that makes this, or will make, more affordable.

    Will it be BMR housing/rentals? If so I don’t think that has tax implications for the occupant – as someone above posted might be the case if UCSF was outright subsidizing rents and such.,

  8. Does UCSF, being academic, have to pay property tax on this land? That cuts costs a bit. And they don’t need to be profitable, just not create a loss. Assuming that most of the housing would be for students, residents, fellows, postdocs, they probably don’t have to be too fancy, either studios, simple 1 bedrooms, or shared suites. And then some larger, family-friendly units for faculty. I’m sure it will pencil out somehow; it’ll be a good hedge against future real estate increases. School-owned affordable housing was essential for classmates who went to medical school in Manhattan.

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