730 Stanyan Street Site

In response to the City Attorney’s demand that McDonald’s address the “lawlessness harbored” in and around its 730 Stanyan Street location, McDonald’s Corporation, which owns the land, and the franchisee who operates the location have agreed to increase security and proactively address the drug trafficking and other public nuisances which have plagued the Haight-Ashbury location for years.

From the City Attorney’s office:

“As part of the agreement, the Stanyan Street McDonald’s has contracted the services of a security guard to be present at the property during all hours of operation; increased the number of security cameras; added fencing to secure the landscaped portion of the property; increased lighting on the property’s exterior; restricted parking access when the restaurant is closed; taken reasonable measures to prohibit loitering; and will consult with the San Francisco Police Department each month for the first six months following the agreement to review safety and security issues.

The agreement also provides that restaurant management will report the storage or sale of any illegal narcotics they observe, and make reasonable efforts to remove people engaged in the use or possession of illegal drugs.”

The franchisee will also pay $40,000 to settle with the City.

The Stanyan Street McDonald’s has been the source of over 1,100 service calls to the San Francisco Police Department since January of 2012, including dozens of calls involving fights, assaults, auto burglaries and dog attacks since the fourth quarter of 2014.

The prominent third-of-a-block site upon which the little 3,500-square-foot restaurant and its over-sized parking lot sit is zoned for development up to 50 feet in height. And yes, we’re responsible for adding the Hamburglar to the scene above.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sassyboyfrisco

    Hey not fair, I expect a side of METH with my fries when i visit this location 🙂

  2. Posted by jamesjr

    When is the city going to clean up the meth, heroin dealing and street people camping in the park across the street?

    Blaming MickyDs is only a tiny part of the problem.

  3. Posted by AnonAnon

    Come on, McDonald’s can’t even get rid of the Hamburgler – he’s standing there in plain site right in front of the place! How are they possibly going to handle the street kids.

  4. Posted by medalist

    I’m surprised McDs didn’t fight back on this lawsuit. The problem is not theirs to bear alone, it’s a symptom of the City allowing this area to be decriminalized zone for “drifters” and the like. I would assume that the franchisee has some other issues with the Corp and they made him/her bend a knee to the City for not doing enough to hold the City accountable to perform their policing and prosecution duties.

  5. Posted by Oh Dear

    When will the city attorney negotiate something along those lines for the Public Storage place on my block???

  6. Posted by Mark

    This city does nothing to solve the problem of homeless and street trash.

  7. Posted by Mike

    The meth problem is totally out of hand on Haight Street, and it’s gotten a lot worse in recent months. Neighbors are in an uproar over it. House and car breakins surging.

  8. Posted by TiredofSFFilth

    So does this mean we can all sue the City for “lawlessness habored” on the average SF street? The Mayor, BoS, DA, and SFPD have done practically nothing to proactively address the drug trafficking and other public nuisances we encounter daily.

    • Posted by Oh Dear

      They do nothing because district elections favor the uber progressives who only need limited number of votes to win (they would never win a city wide election), and they one up each other to come up with the most fringe ideas. Drug use is merely a quality of life crime in the eyes of the district progs.

      • Posted by moto mayhem

        district elections are a disgrace for such a small city.

      • Posted by Orland

        Drug use is a personal choice which can have societal ramifications.

  9. Posted by oscar

    now if they can only do something to the rest of the haight…

  10. Posted by BumHater

    This particular location is really bad. They let the panhandlers walk in and go from table to table harassing diners. And if you drove there, some of the bums wait for you by your car when you’re on the way out. VERY UNSAFE.

  11. Posted by Pablito

    Kleptocracy = government by theft. The City Attorney does pretty much zero to address the crime issue in this City. And yet the City gets $40,000 by suing McDonald’s for not doing the City Attorney’s/ Police Departments jobs for them?

    The “system” is definitely broken.

    • Posted by Mikey

      Nope. It is not the job of either the city attorney nor the police department to provide security to McDonalds. McD’s was a public nuisance in that they tacitly allowed crime to occur on their premises and took no steps to prevent it. Any bar or entertainment venue that allowed drug sales on premises and took no action to abate it would have its license pulled. This is no different.

      • Posted by parklife

        True, but it is the job of the city to make some sort of attempt to prevent crime (illegal camping, littering, drug dealing, auto break-ins, etc.) in nearby GGP. As someone who resides near the park, I can tell you that the city seems unconcerned about these issues and unresponsive to my requests to have the campers removed from the park.

        Maybe I just need to sue the city for failing to make a “reasonable” effort to force compliance with the law?

        • Posted by zig

          I feel for you. that area is vile and pathetic. My now wife used to live across from the GGP entrance and it was just sad what SF allows to fester. There was one crazy girl would would sometimes scream all night that people were raping her (which I think was likely happening), cops would come and the next day I would see her crazy ass walking around smiling

          Was so happy to move to Noe Valley

        • Posted by Mikey

          Agreed on all points. Upper Haight is an open sewer and the police need to do a lot more to clean it up,

          • Posted by Orland

            Who the hell calls the Haight “Upper Haight?”

          • Posted by Mikey

            Anyone who is referring to Upper Haight *St* and not “the Haight” or Lower Haight. Does that help?

          • Posted by Orland

            That makes sense.

  12. Posted by Bobby Mucho

    Where are all of the petitions, sit-ins, picketers when there is a filthy, crime-ridden haven for gutter punks and GG park creeps that needs removing?

  13. Posted by soccermom

    Would make a better Los Pollos Hermanos location.

    • Posted by EcceMorons

      Actually, it kind of IS a Los Pollos Hermanos. Just on a lower scale.

  14. Posted by anun

    Every time I go to the chachacha I run into people trying to sell me weed or bum a smoke off me. Never crossed my mind to blame mcdonalds.

  15. Posted by Aaron Goodman

    McDonalds Like Safeway does not help with the housing situation they can easily build essential housing above, and still have the restaurant or drive through…

    There is the McDonalds on Ocean Ave, which needs more housing above the lot.

    • Posted by EcceMorons

      Ah, I can see City employees Goose-stepping into everyone’s property, saying, “You VILL build more units – und ve vill be your overseers in the Planning and Building Departments.”

      • Posted by Alai

        Yes, the city is forcing people to build more units.

        Also, people who are building more units are just doing it for the profit, and the city should stop them.

        Ok, never mind the reasons, the important thing is that building more units is bad and we must prevent it.

  16. Posted by sf

    Can’t we all just blame the techies?

  17. Posted by alberto rossi

    because the neighborhood so enthusiastically embraced the plans to develop the Whole Foods site across the street?

  18. Posted by Ivoryhouse

    Wonder if the methheads who shot the girl in the park and the guy in Marin were regular customers.

  19. Posted by Mark F.

    I hate the (Upper) Haight. It’s been a cesspool since the “Summer of Love.” The Lower Haight is fine.

  20. Posted by Homer Jay Simpson

    this is nothing new. the city attorney is just posturing, the fact is that the police just don’t give a damn and don’t patrol this area. why do you think those 3 murdering drifters found such an easy place to get their drugs and guns? The SFPD are lazy and overpaid, and avoid doing any work. If you really think the CA is doing something, well then you’re part of the reason that this city’s voters are as stupid as the people who vote for Diamond Joe Quimby

  21. Posted by Futurist

    Tear the entire piece of junk down and build luxury condos on the site including the parking lot.

  22. Posted by SF_Landlord

    Are you kidding me? McDonalds should be suing the city for promoting vagrants

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