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The Sheriff’s Department is slated to change the locks on Sinbad’s Restaurant and forcibly evict its operators from the doomed building on Pier 2 at 11:30 this morning. But according to a co-owner who didn’t elaborate, “It’s not going to happen.” [See UPDATE below]

As plugged-in readers have known about for years, the restaurant will (eventually) be razed in order to make way for the Port of San Francisco’s Ferry Terminal Expansion project, which includes the removal of Pier 2 to accommodate the construction of two new berthing facilities and covered passenger queuing areas, along with an infilling of the adjacent lagoon to create a new Embarcadero Plaza.


San Francisco’s ferry terminal will serve a projected 32,000 riders per weekday by 2035, including new service to Treasure Island, which is up from around 10,000 passengers today.

UPDATE: Sinbad’s avoided eviction this morning by filing for bankruptcy.  The restaurant is now under the protection of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, at least for the time being.

19 thoughts on “Sinbad’s Staves Off Sheriff’s Eviction By Filing For Bankruptcy”
  1. I wonder what the marginal wharf improvements are….”Excuse me, I’m looking for something marginal in a wharf improvement.”

  2. So bizarre. I’ve heard of tenants holding out after lease expiration, but a restaurant? Will the staff be dressed in middle eastern pirate outfits and swords to fend of Mirkarimi?

  3. After the election he will no longer have a “spiffy uniform”, just a big fat pension for the rest of his life that we all pay for.

    1. I’m no bankruptcy expert, but this should not give them much of an “extension.” There is no lease, as I understand it. And while bankruptcy gives you some protections if you have defaulted on a lease, it does not convey leasehold interests that didn’t exist.

    1. Precisely…better come up with a better way to make ends meet, because this claimed land would be so much better as a working ferry plaza.

  4. San Francisco is the home of slick lawyer shenanigans. In the Gold rush days people would sink boats on the waterfront in order to claim title to the land underneath it. I’m betting Sinbads is looking into it…..

  5. Too bad they are completely filling in the lagoon. Embarcadero Plaza sounds nice, but wish some sort of water element could be retained from the lagoon

  6. Ferry Plaza is a parking lot, why the embarcadero plaza? Seems like it will be a trash dump for the commuters…?

    Better plan would be for an active use or smaller “artists” booth or covered area, for a real farmer’s market, and exterior sales area…

  7. I am soooo going here, running up a large tab and walking out on the bill

    Seems to be how they do business.

    Just need to figure out a way to still tip the server.

  8. Actually before Bankruptcy reform (Thanks Bush 2) a bankruptcy after your 3 day notice to pay or quit wouldn’t help you.

    Not sure how it would work with no lease.

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