2070 Folsom Street Site

While currently only zoned for building up to 55-feet high and with a parcel size that would support up to 60 units of housing at that height, the two players picked by the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development to develop the Mission District parcel at 2060 Folsom Street are planning to build 101 units of affordable housing on the site.

The additional 41 units of housing would require the City to successfully approve a ‘density bonus’ for the parcel, a bonus which would allow the Chinatown Community Development Center and Mission Economic Development Agency team to build up to 75-feet in height. The building will abut the future Folsom and 17th Street park on the southern half of the parking lot parcel pictured above.

Keep in mind that the density bonus isn’t guaranteed and the program and potential challenges are so far untested in San Francisco, but the formal acknowledgement of the plans for the Folsom Street parcel should foreshadow a number of other ‘bonus’ announcements to soon come.

11 thoughts on “Developers Picked For Mission Parcel, Plan To Build Higher Than Zoned”
  1. Use inverse condemnation and take the parcel to the north, rebuild the entire block…incorporate mid-block open space, ground retail along the corners extending 50 feet on each side.

    1. That would not be inverse condemnation but an old-fashioned exercise of eminent domain — but likely an illegal one.

  2. As someone who’s office is very close to this lot the impacts to the neighborhood by removing the parking are inexcusable. Further, for a City so desperate for housing why are they placing a park over a parking lot and not turning this opportunity into potentially 400 units – affordable or a high mix for a working class neighborhood. Those that have lived or own in this hood know that placing a park here will just welcome the usual criminal behavior of drug use, prostitution, and squatting in public space that this area has been known for for decades.

  3. Luv-ly, a (mid-block) park that will be in shade 8 mths of the years. Couldn’t have positioned it on the south side, for some year-round sun?

      1. to be exact, Folsom and 17th. The 75 foot development would be to the north, between Folsom and Shotwell, and would never shade the park.

  4. Kudos to them for going for a density bonus. This will be a real test of whether “progressives” can actually function as pro-density actors in SF or if they will back down in the face of losing the coalition they have built with the NIMBYs. Stay tuned.

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