Purchased for $4.25 million in March of 2013 as a vintage “trophy estate” on an over-sized lot, 663 Marina Boulevard returned to the market this past March as a newly remodeled contemporary home with 5,420 square feet of space for $9.5 million.

Reduced to $8.98 million in April, the sale of 663 Marina Boulevard closed escrow this past Friday with a reported contract price of $8,600,000 or roughly $1,586 per square foot, the second most expensive sale, behind the $12.5 million sale of 2900 Vallejo, over the past month.

5 thoughts on “Two Years Later And Four Million More On Marina Boulevard”
  1. Beautifully and classically done — I’ve taken the timeless design elements and incorporated into my own renovations.

  2. What beautiful little light bulbs all over the ceilings, like stars in the sky! Inspired clean and fresh white and gray paint. A great tribute to the architect. What Versailles is to France, and Blenheim is to England, this beauty is to San Francisco.

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