Designed by Fabre & Hildebrand and built for Justin Taravellier and his wife Marie in 1932, the ornate Art Deco home at 99 Ord and 17th Street has been repainted, both inside and out, since being purchased for $1,832,099 in 2012, but most of its original Deco details remain intact.

The zebrawood kitchen was added in 2008, following the 2,850-square-foot home’s sale for $1,450,000.

And today, 99 Ord is back on the market and listed for $2,850,000, an even $1,000 per square foot.

21 thoughts on “Art Deco With An Ornate Modern Kitchen On Ord”
    1. You looked at the exterior, then the kitchen, and your conclusion is that the zebra wood is the problem?

      1. The zebra wood is horrible though, as is that mauve color on the interior. (We can all take as a given that the exterior is the most immediately apparent problem.)

  1. saw this saturday..absolutely gorgeous. I’m sure it will go way over. Yes the exterior paint job is atrocious. But if anyone touches the interior art deco flourishes they should be shot…I’ve never seen a more intact interior in SF. That ziggurat ceiling!

      1. having trouble following your comment – that interior is amazing, the level of period detail is great. I hope this isn’t bought by some flipper who’s going to “improve” it by gutting it into a shiny white box.

  2. Pass this house every week. I actually quite like the exterior, as a rare example of the Mayan Revival Deco sub genre.
    Admittedly 450 Sutter is a purer example though..but not enough Deco in SF~!~

  3. Love it. The exterior is pretty loud, but we need more homes like this to counteract the unfortunate blanding that is happening throughout the city.

  4. These colors are usually what people would do to their houses to get back at the neighbor who prevented their addition. You reject my extra floor, you get to see a blueberry every day from your window!

    I guess it has become fashionable.

  5. I actually think the zebra wood is a good idea, sort of a nod — ok, a very enthusiastic nod — to tiger oak which was popular in art deco furniture.

    Cutting back the scale of the kitchen mass with the fridge and oven, even just by an inch or two on the sides, would have been a better choice. Maybe they’re stock sizes and barely fit…

  6. Bah humbug. As an example of extant Art Deco this place is amazing. Color scheme is crazy, of course, and needs to be changed. I just hope someone who loves this period of architecture buys it, because it would be sad to see it become a dwellified white box

  7. We were lucky enough to live on Ord St. for a few years in the late 90’s, until we were dotcommed out of the wonderful flat we enjoyed there and thus not too long after found ourselves homeowners in Vis Valley (a lucky move, that one). I always loved this deco house, though. Beautiful bones and well situated.

  8. This house really isn’t true Art Deco Miami Style. It has some nice touches but it really is ultimately a hodgepodge of confused design both inside and out.

  9. Editor: Can you post a link to when this was last featured on Socketsite? There was much discussion about the awkward floor plan. With no one mentioning that for this listing, has the floor plan been re-worked?

  10. I found a post on Curbed from 2012.

    This makes me respect the current owners so much more. They remodeled the downstairs kitchen in the 1950s style. They even changed the electric stove over to gas. Plus they are not responsible for the zebra wood kitchen. There is a photo that shows what the house looks like with a normal paint job as well.

    Plus there is a link to a historical report from 1975 where they are complaining, “The yellow paint does not seem appropriate”, so people have been hating on the paint job for 40+ years.

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