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While it was never officially listed on the MLS, the infamous Gurbaksh Chahal (a.k.a. “G”) has been trying to unload his 3,355 square foot penthouse unit #37B atop the Infinity at 301 Main Street for $12 million, as we first reported in April.

And last night, the penthouse was quietly listed with an ‘original’ asking price of $8.8 million, an effective reduction of $3.2 million or 27 percent.

301 Main Street #37B Kitchen

The penthouse was purchased by “G” as new for $6.925 million in early 2008 and another million was subsequently invested in upgrading the condo, which included a reported $250K in marble flooring alone.

301 Main Street #37B Floor Plan

Still no word on where Chahal and his monogrammed headboard are headed or if they have already landed, but having been sued by the Infinity’s Homeowners Association and run afoul of the law for assaulting a girlfriend in the condo’s master bedroom, Chahal’s departure isn’t likely to garner too many tears from other residents in the building (unless he records a loss on the sale).

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sethgreen

    american pyscho part 2

  2. Posted by justin

    for $8.8 million he should at least align the sofa with the grout joints in the tile.

  3. Posted by Mark F.

    Worst interior decoration ever. Looks like a set from “2001”

  4. Posted by Amewsed

    Quite a bit of self-inflicted bad karma in this place. I see further cuts.

  5. Posted by Mark F.

    Just about everything about this place needs to be redone.

  6. Posted by Stop Driving

    I remember saying we had seen the peak a couple weeks ago. Now I’m patting myself on the back and laughing at the greedy folks who thought they could keep waiting for even higher prices.

    • Posted by NoeNeighbor

      Don’t hurt yourself patting yourself on the back — the world really needs smug, self-righteous people like you who add nothing to comment sections.

    • Posted by SFRealist

      I’m not 100% convinced that this single hideously decorated penthouse is the best measure of the SF market.

  7. Posted by c_q

    there are some significant carrying costs for a 7m condo, I would assume property taxes would be in the neighborhood of 100k/yr, assuming valuation was not adjusted down, and HOA fees I would assume in the 1-2k/month range. So even at 8.8m sales price (a number geared towards chinese I presume? a little late for that now methinks), with about 6% transaction cost on the sale (comission, xfer fees, etc.) probably not making much if anything.

  8. Posted by Greg

    I’ve been in the unit. It’s even tackier than the pictures show. There is a huge “G” inlaid in the marble entry. And the kitchen is tiny.

  9. Posted by jayjay

    That tile has got to go.

  10. Posted by Amewsed

    Stage the unit properly: cover marble floors with several large and luxurious oriental rugs, replace all light fixtures, repaint interior with warm and neutral colors, replace existing furniture with classic pieces like a couple of wingchairs and sofa, formal dining room table and chairs, traditional bedroom set, remove G inlaid.

    I am not even a professional stager or designer.

  11. Posted by jamesjr

    Awesome view. Unobstructed and always will be.

  12. Any updates on “G”‘s case? Why is he not in Jail? They let him off with probation AFTER cops got the video of him beating a woman 117 times. The Judge threw it as inadmissable because it was obtained without a warrant WTF?!

    Where is the justice for victim women??

    • Posted by Amewsed

      Per today’s SF Business Times article, there is a hearing on Sept. 11 to determine whether his probation will be revoked due to new charges for assaulting another woman.

      To answer your question, his victims can always file a civil case and request monetary damages and compensation.

      • Posted by Lori

        ANOTHER woman? Please lock this guy up and throw away the key.

  13. Posted by sf

    $9M for 2 bedrooms?

    • Posted by jlasf

      The “Game Room” could very easily be turned into a 3rd bedroom, as it was probably intended to be.

      • Posted by sf

        From the floorplan it looks like the Game Room has some sort of sliding or retractable partition, and not a solid wall and door. And it’s right off the living room.

    • Posted by jayjay

      and they both share a wall. Horrible floorplan

  14. Posted by Some Guy

    The chintzy marble floor tile screams Tony Montana.

    • Posted by TheNewGuy

      “Say hello to my little friend.” I just love that line!

    • Posted by BobN

      That’s not chintzy marble. That’s very nice, expensive marble but put to horrible use.

  15. Posted by Ninong

    They should remove Chahal’s furniture and have it professionally staged in a different style.

  16. Posted by shza

    Bad-ass office, though.

  17. Posted by jaguar

    majority of his best water views were blocked by Infinity’s D building and i think Lumina and the adjacent upcoming folsom development will be blocking the rest of his views. must be hard to purchase a top dollar penthouse and watch it turn into a viewless apartment.

    • Posted by SF local

      actually the most important view, the bay bridge view, is not affected as the view corridor for that is above hills plaza which, as far as we know, is not changing anytime soon. lumina is barely even in the way as its off to the side, and the water view to the south goes over the data center, which as far as we know is not moving anytime soon.

  18. Posted by jaguar

    Part of G’s bridge view was blocked by Building D, before he had an open view of the bridge and surroundings but presently he sees Building D on one side while looking out his balcony. The new Folsom St Development should block more of the view because it is exactly adjacent to the A Stack of Building D which will lose some water views. He’s on the 37th floor. 5-6 stories of building D can now look directly into his unit. This is even worse when you have total privacy then a building comes up that can look directly in your unit. I just assumed Lumina would affect his unit since it is on Main Street at over 40 stories.

    I lived at Infinity for several years. There are notable problems with the building (some that may never be resolved) and maintenance will increase substantially as the building ages. Management (constant turn around) has issues and neighbors have issues, I’m surprised that I never saw any publicity about the gentleman who committed suicide by jumping off his balcony last year.

  19. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: The listing for G’s penthouse has been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale.

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