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As proposed, the 76 station on the southwest corner of Lawton Street and 42nd Avenue in the Outer Sunset will be razed for a four-story development with twelve condos to rise.

As designed by Ian Birchall and Associates, while the development would share a common backyard over the garage, the project is technically four new buildings with three condos and three parking spaces each.

And as such, the project would not require the inclusion of any inclusionary (BMR) units or payments in lieu.

The eight-pump station and shop, but not the underlying parcel, was on the market last year and appears to have traded hands, touting an “annual profit [of] $180,000,” an “estimated return on investment [of] approximately 12.2%,” and “a good opportunity for immigrant investors.”

18 thoughts on “Twelve New Condos and One Less Gas Station as Proposed”
    1. I think they meant that buying and running the gas station would be a good opportunity for immigrant investors.

      1. Susan, it seems more than a little culturally/socially insensitive to suggest that something is a good opportunity for an immigrant but perhaps not for someone native-born. That’s all.

  1. Why is Ian Birchall “Designing” every other building in the City? Its all so ho-hum, so mundane, so drab.
    Somebody stop him.

  2. Are these four separate lots? Can you build separate buildings with separate addresses on one lot?

    [Editor’s Note: No. A proposed lot split would need to be approved.]

    1. I don’t see why you’d need to split the lot – many retail storefronts have different address on the same parcel.

      1. I would guess it has something to do with taxes, maintenance, and future resale. I’m sure there are valid reasons given the complex code we deal with in the City

  3. If people actually start walking on that stretch of sidewalk as shown, a bulbout at the corner would be a nice improvement. However the epidemic of sidewalk parking in that area makes walking seem unlikely for all but the desperate. Although maybe they could walk up and down the tiny section with trees, sort of like my neighbor with a walker who circles around the crosswalks at the corner for exercise.

  4. They shouldn’t allow the lot split, when it is just a way to get out of paying affordable housing fees or building 1-2 BMR units.

  5. I see the future and it is pop-up gas stations: a tanker pulls up to your corner and everyone in the neighborhood fills up. It beats driving to Orinda.

  6. Backyard?? How, exactly, do you define backyard? Imagine a child playing, or even a pedestrian attempting to cross that paved car pull in? Is that your “backyard”?? Barely enough space to turn the mini into the covered parking area. No place else is that a “backyard”

  7. The parcel subdivision would be re-instating the original parcel map before the gas station combined four residential lots.

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