1001 Quintara Site

Plans to level the Sunset District flower stand and two undeveloped lots on the southwest corner of Quintara and 19th Avenue have been submitted to Planning.  And as proposed and rendered below, a four-story building with 42 apartments and parking for 56 cars would rise across the 1001 Quintara site.

1001 Quintara Design

The 42 apartments across the top three floors of the building would average around 750 square feet apiece and nine of the ground-floor parking spaces would be for the two adjacent office buildings fronting 19th Avenue, the parcels for which would be technically merged into the development.

And as designed by Gary Gee Architects, the plans for the project include one 615-square-foot commercial space on the corner, a space which has been designed, and is specifically intended, for the flower stand to return.

1001 Quintara Design: 19th Avenue Facade

29 thoughts on “Development Will Level This Popular Flower Stand, But…”
  1. Do it. Current space is ludicrously under-utilized. (And all the years I’ve driven by there, I’ve never once thought of buying flowers there – I’ve always assumed they’re covered with soot and such from the road.)

      1. I didn’t mean to cast aspersions on the flowers or vendors; just saying that it never really even occurred to me to stop there, due to its proximity to the quasi-freeway.

  2. If you assume the flowers are covered with “soot and such” you can imagine what your lungs will be like living in one of those apartments. Also, you have two bus stops on the corner for the 28 and 66/48 surrounding the building. Regardless of the design itself and the fact the entire first floor is designated for parking (minus the tiny retail space) this is not a really attractive corner to live on. In fact, 19th Ave as a whole is disgusting.

    1. Yeah, there’s no way Planning will allow the parking to front the sidewalk. Hopefully it gets moved underground and we get more retail spaces.

      1. I’m not certain more retail on this corner is justified. 19th Ave is basically a highway with commercial development on side streets (Irving, Noriega, Taraval) so I’m not surprised with them pushing ground floor parking. Now, had this building been considered for the vacant parcel on Noriega/25th Ave on the retail corridor, then I could see the fight for underground parking.

        1. I’m fine with them preserving the flower shop location, but I agree that it seems odd to push retail here, it should be pushed on the Taraval or Noriega corridors.

    2. In general I’m glad the anti-freeway forces in the 1960s and beyond were successful… but it would have been great if the 19th Ave tunnel could have been built. 19th Ave could be an amazing boulevard, with planted medians (real medians, not the narrow string of sad aloes there now) – with the thru traffic undergrounded, 19th would be much more bike and pedestrian friendly, and busses would be able to traverse more quickly.

      1. That sounds heavenly but equally stratospherically expensive. It would probably also contribute to sprawl in Marin as transit times between Marin and Peninsula might be cut down to “acceptable” levels, unless the GG bridge is enough of a bottleneck. Would be interesting to see what happens.

  3. I notice on Google street view that, all along this block, the parked cars do the two wheels up on the sidewalk thing. I guess the city considers this area an all automobile no walking sacrifice zone.

    1. FYI That street view is from 2008 and was quite prevalent then. They painted white solid lines which helped almost eliminate that practice.

  4. If you drive down 19th you’ll notice that not a single house has a window open nor are any windows uncovered by curtains. On the other hand the upper floors facing the back of this project might have spectacular views to the ocean.

  5. a) poor excuse for an exterior design, bland building, no character, and poorly proportioned facades.

    b) why the retention of the prior “cult” flower shop at this location?

    c) where’s the transit/traffic improvement “fee” to allow 56 cars, and little impetus for a 19th Ave improved transit co-funding for this project… I’d say if the developer costs for the project are x million at least 1/8x – 1/4x needs to be assessed in terms of transit impacts along 19th Ave….

  6. How long until the big lot at 19th & Sloat (Christmas Trees and Pumpkin Patches) gets built?

    I am guessing stubborn, hard-won Cantonese money holds it.

    1. It’s such a busy (and fatal) intersection I can’t imagine anybody wanting their retail or housing there. Similar to above project. But it is underutilized. I wonder if it could be used for some city purpose (police station, etc).

    2. This city is filled with NIMBYs and over-protective land owners who refuse to step into the 21st century proving that SF isn’t as progressive as it claims. If it were, we’d have a robust transit system and adequate housing inventory for all economic levels.

    3. Well, to be honest, I get my pumpkins and trees from there every year so I like it as it is. I just wished the rest of the year, it was the ’empty lot’ kids had pickup ball games in but I know that’s just 1950’s nostalgia fantasy. The balls would get into traffic and there would be liability issues.

    1. I live in the area and haven’t heard anything about the project moving forward. Once again, another bad corner for retail that’s basically on a highway.

      1. Walgreens on Divisadero and Lombard is basically on a highway and it’s doing well. The CVS on 19th and Ortega likely met resistance from residents (mostly due to the French school). Wouldn’t the formula retail limit also have had something to do with it?

        1. The difference is that the Walgreens on Divis/Lombard is surrounded by commercial space (much of Lombard is zoned for commercial), versus 19th Ave/Ortega. which is not.

  7. Glad the flower stand is being saved. I’ve spent a lot of money there over the years, and am glad to see they’ll still be around. However, hopefully having a new “home” won’t mean their costs will go up…

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