As we first reported last month, the development team behind the proposed 251-unit Potrero Hill development to rise below the 33-acre Potrero Terrace public housing site that’s to be rebuilt is aiming to secure approvals for the 1395 22nd Street project by the end of the year.

If successful and a ground breaking soon follows, the development, which was originally designed by Leavitt Architecture and recently refined by Min Day, could be ready for occupancy by mid-2017.

And as part of the project, the outdoor space along the north side of the site will become the Serpentine Steps, a new public stairway from 22nd Street to Missouri/Texas Street, connecting Potrero Hill and Dogpatch, with three public plazas and a bellvedere (overlook) designed by Fletcher Studio.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by EcceMorons

    Those odd angles will ricochet the bullets all over the place.

    • Posted by Futurist

      Not a terribly positive point of view to present.

      This project, design wise and community wise has great potential to only add to the Potrero neighborhood.

    • Posted by formidable doer of the nasty

      The projects should be bulldozed by then. Granted, the Section 8 cases will be moved back into the new mixed complex but hopefully HopeSF or whoever is operating it will actually enforce a zero-tolerance crime policy.

  2. Posted by Orland

    Wonderful. Build it. And, Rebuild Potrero!

  3. Posted by Serge

    Is this directly on top of where the Western Pacific RR tunnel collapsed in the 60s?

    • Posted by formidable doer of the nasty

      That was 19th and Arkansas. Far away.

      • Posted by Audrey Cole

        I have seen a photo in front of about 600 Missouri of a large hole where that collapsed, and the train companies have an easement on my property, so it’s very close.

    • Posted by Jake

      The entrance to the southern end of the tunnel was on this slope about where the stairs will be. The opening of the northern end was near 18th, about where the thick house theater is located. A fire in the tunnel caused roads on both ends to collapse (namelink has photos of the road collapses at both 19 near Arkansas and Missouri near Sierra).

  4. Posted by Kraus

    Love it or Leavitt.

  5. Posted by Schaetzer

    A huge PG&E gas holder used to occupy the several acre site below that fronted on Pennsylvania Ave. They always had problems with folks at the projects just above using the gas holder for target practice (as if anyone could miss!). A vivid example of the Darwin principle at work.

  6. Posted by phil

    The corner and steps look good, but the rest of the building not so much. Really gorgeous lipstick on a very ugly pig.

  7. Posted by alberto rossi

    Who’s paying to maintain the steps?

  8. Posted by Soma_guy

    Lol. And the gentrification beat goes on. Just be sure they spray that anti-urine stuff on the low walls.

    • Posted by Brian M

      Won’t need the spray. The images show only affluent white people, which never pee on the steps!

  9. Posted by SFrentier

    This is a great project- another block in the connection between Bayview to dogpatch to mission bay to DT. Great.

    Plus those steps look awesome! I like occasionally walking form the mission up and over 22nd to dogpatch. These steps will be marked enhancement of my mid week strolls. And now that 3rd st in dogpatch is “activated” with all sorts of good restaurants, I’ll be going over there more.


    • Posted by anon

      “now that 3rd st is ‘activated'” ?

      Been that way for a long while now.

      • Posted by SFrentier

        Not really. Big changes in the last year or so. Prior to that, outside of 3rd st/22nd corner plus/minus, the rest of 3rd was rather dead.

        • Posted by anon

          oh, you’re trying to say that outside those few blocks 3rd st is jumping off? it isn’t. it’s still all about those few blocks. but serpentine has been around like nine years already, for example.

    • Posted by Orland

      That walk up those 3 blocks the west side of PH is a killer!

  10. Posted by SierraHeights

    Although may not be the best designed building still this it is a big upgrade from the storage facility that currently sits on that place. I own a unit in the pretty building to the right which people complained about when it was built. I may be making this up but think the disclosure package for my unit talked mentioned an underground oil tank(?) or something like that. Wonder if it has to do with PGE or maybe I’m just making this up.

    Looked up the comment about the Western RR. Learn something new everyday!

    • Posted by phil

      It’s sad that our bar is so low that we can say a development is an upgrade from a storage facility. The neighborhood deserves better.

  11. Posted by Orland

    “Serpentine Steps” because of the geology of PH?

  12. Posted by oliver_closoff

    one word…. T R A F F I C

    94107 zip code has doubled in population in the last 4 years; no improvements to streets, traffic control, parks or public infrastructure. On 16th, they pump water into the sewer due to blockages (additional volume).

    The city is all about profit and additional TAX revenue. Can’t wait for the Warriors stadium built about 4 blocks away.

  13. Posted by Denver Brooks

    We are already experiencing gridlock traffic! Also, Lee wants to build on every open space without any mention of the elephant in the middle of the room which is the projects. We just had rapid fire shootings this afternoon! Isn’t that great? By the time all these units are available in the city, you won’t be able to give away your condo!

    • Posted by anon

      You’re worried about housing getting cheaper? Do tell.

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