While it sold for under asking, the $5.3 million contract price for the 1,688-square-foot Stinson Beach house at 13 Walla Vista Road was still a near record-setting sale at $3,139 per square foot.

Built in 1980, the three-bedroom pad has since been completely remodeled, with walls of accordion glass doors opening the house to the inner courtyard and beach.

And as we wrote when we featured the property last month, at which point it was listed for $5.55 million or $3,288 per square foot, if you need more space, the $18 million dollar compound up the beach remains available but is now a $12 million home which is priced around $2,175 per foot.

Listed for $6.45 million in 2011, the sale of the 1,793-square-foot home at 172 Seadrift Road for $5.7 million, or $3,179 per square foot, that December, remains the most expensive Stinson Beach sale on record in terms of price per square foot.

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    1. Coming from someone who must not have spent any time in Stinson. Last weekend the afternoons were windy, but mornings beautiful and warm. Went into the water with the kids both days. This weekend is shaping up to be fabulous.

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