266 Seadrift Road Aerial

The five-bedroom Stinson Beach home which sits on a double oceanfront lot at 266 Seadrift Road has hit the market listed for $18 million, but the eye-popping price does include the undeveloped lagoon-facing double lot across the road known as 263 Seadrift (which was purchased for $565,000 in 2002) as well.

263 Seadrift Road Lot

The existing 5,500-square-foot home on the 266 Seadrift parcel (floor plan) features a great room, kitchen and living room which all overlook and open to the ocean, as does the master suite and wing.

And the protected central courtyard includes an outdoor fireplace and hot tub without forgoing the views.

17 thoughts on “Stinson Beach Compound On The Market For $18M”
  1. Shahh right, try half that. No matter how hard you try, it’s not Montauk. The “Lagoon Lot” is maybe a million, and the side where the sand blows into your windows? 5,500 * $1,250psf (generously) = $6.875 Small combo premium so $8-9mm. You’d still be lucky to find a buyer there.

    And’ you’re way short global warming, bro.

    1. If this thing listed for $9M, it would be snapped up quickly. I think if it sells, it would go for somewhere around 12ish.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as soccermom… won’t this be underwater or at least flooded several months a year within 25-30 years? Maybe they’re betting big on the wind farm property rights? I’m sure someone will buy it but I can’t fathom $18M even with all of this stupid money flowing around town.

  3. Zillow has it at 7.7mil, so no way at 18. It looks like a strip mall from the suburbs. Sorry, no way.

  4. Seadrift is a weird place from a public-access standpoint. California law prevents property owners from blocking public access to beaches, but Seadrift was built before the law was passed. However, in a 1994 settlement of two lawsuits, the homeowners association agreed to allow the public on the beach, as long as people (a) stay at least 60 feet away from the rock seawall, and (b) do not camp or picnic. A few years ago, there was a guy who was ejected by Seadrift security for putting down a towel and reading in this permitted zone (they were trying to call this “picnicking”), but he sued and the homeowners association relented in a settlement.

      1. I believe the house in “Basic Instinct” was supposed to be in Stinson, according to the plot, but as you say was shot in Carmel.

      2. I don’t think that’s the one… could just be my confused imagination. But thanks for the suggestion!

      1. I don’t see it listed on IMDB’s film locations. The only California locations they note are a cafe in West Hollywood and Palos Verdes. What scene were you thinking of?

        1. It may have been Palos Verdes. I recall (nearly 40 years ago now) seeing a scene at a beach house in the movie and thinking that it looked like Stinson.

          1. Someone told me those scenes were filmed at a home on Broad Beach Road in Malibu. That area feels very similar to Stinson Beach, but the homes cost even more.

  5. Empty lots at Seadrift on the ocean side are valued at around $4M. So a double lot? Plus the house itself, which is very large comparatively for Seadrift properties… then, look at the comps, such as 164 Seadrift which sold for $8M. It’s at the far end of the peninsula, so most of the plebes can’t/don’t make their way that far down the beach, so you mostly have it to yourself, sharing with the neighbors. Throw in the lagoon access and I think the price is high, but not out of the question. Finding a buyer with $18M to spend is a completely different animal, however.

    It would be easier to sell if you could split it up, but looking at the plan that’s probably not possible. And anyone at that price point is going to want lagoon access, so may as well keep those lagoon lots attached to the sale.

    This one doesn’t look like it has the required raised height per FEMA on new construction, so yes, it will probably be prone to flood at some point. Getting insurance is a problem so you better be paying cash.

    [Editor’s Note: Keep in mind that the $8 million sale of 164 Seadrift included “over $2 million of original artwork and custom furniture” as well.]

    1. Yeah, I’ve heard the owners at 164 hate the artwork and are getting rid of it all. But they were willing to swallow the price premium to buy that particular property. Kind of a mystery to me, given that there are enough properties coming on the market regularly in Seadrift that waiting for one without horrendous art collection shouldn’t have taken too long.

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