Villa de Montana Night

On the market for $22.5 million prior to the crash, re-listed for $17 million in 2012 and reduced to $15 million in 2013, the 32-room Villa De Montaña which sits on over 20 acres in St. Helena overlooking the Napa Valley below is now back on the market for $11,995,000 as the Wax Estate with an undisclosed address on the MLS (it’s 2727 Sulphur Springs Avenue).

Built in 1941 and restored by Aspen-based developer Richard Wax in 2001, the villa’s finishes now include a Louis XIV fireplace imported from a French chateau, a marble-countered kitchen with two of everything, and hand-painted Chinoiserie mural wallpaper in the dining room which leads outdoors.

In addition to the outdoor dining area, there’s a landscaped central terrace and pool.

And while not pictured, there is a proper 1,300-bottle wine cellar as well.

8 thoughts on “Villa De Montaña Returns For Millions Less”
  1. Not to be confused with Joe Montana’s (former) estate in Calestoga (10500 Franz Valley Road). What did that end up selling for, anyway?

  2. Okay, I would love to enjoy a meal some summer evening out on that patio but my first thought on seeing these interior photos was to wonder if there’s a safe room in the place.

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