13 Walla Vista Deck

With barbecues, beach parties and a celebratory long weekend on the collective brain, we turn our attention to the Stinson Beach home at 13 Walla Vista.

Built in 1980, the three-bedroom pad has since remodeled with walls of accordion glass doors opening the house to the inner courtyard and beach.

And with 1,688 square feet of finished indoor space, 13 Walla Vista is now on the market for an eye-popping $3,288 per foot ($5.55 million).  If you need more space, the $18 million dollar compound up the beach remains available as well.  You could always use Walla Vista as your detached guest home.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by jenofla

    Been around the world, and while I love NorCal, the beaches, while pristine and gorgeous, are often so chilly. Would these houses be worth millions if not close to SF Bay Area and their millionaires? Am I missing something? For millions, I’d rather fly out to Hawaii, Mexico, even the East Coast in summer (love the South Georgia islands).

    • Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

      Yes, Stinson isn’t the Hamptons of SF. If you want warmth then head east. Warmth + water -> water skiing in the Delta or one of the many lakes in the foothills. Strangely Tahoe with its view of snow capped mountains is often warmer than Stinson.

      • Posted by Bananas

        Yes it is not the Hamptons, it’s nicer.

    • Posted by Mrs L

      If you have kids and a dog, flying to Hawaii, Mexico or the East Coast every weekend isn’t reasonable, or a good time. Going to Stinson is.

      Seadrift is a really great place for families from SF – behind the gates is a very safe suburbia feel. Tons of kids riding their bikes unaccompanied by parents, no crime, lots of camaraderie. That’s what you’re paying for.

      • Posted by anon

        Never felt the camaraderie. Of course I have only rented there so maybe that’s why I felt a cold chill (on a warm day) from folks at Seadrift. The place seems to me to be defined by the attempt to keep people from outside of Seadrift off the beach. The walk down Del Arroyo to the beach is interminable for most of the properties. Probably no cut-throughs to the beach between houses because when the neighborhood was laid out it was assumed that the beach front properties would have the beach in front of their house to themselves. Bolinas is more welcoming.

      • Posted by Bertie Anglis

        For what it’s worth, this home is not in Seadrift.

  2. Posted by Pioneer

    I can’t believe that the marketing copy suggests that this lovely location is a reasonable weekday commute to San Francisco. Yes, it might be possible to make that early morning meeting downtown in 45 minutes. It’s a white-knuckle roller coaster route on a good day, but factor in fog and darkness and I’ll just Skype that meeting, please.

    • Posted by JR "Bob" Dobbs

      One of my partners commuted every day for 30 years to the Financial Dist. from about three blocks away from this place. It is a very pretty area, by the way (if you like serene). He drove in in his Ferrari 328 the last few years, which I imagine was a bit more fun. But I agree with you – way too long for me. I wouldn’t like that drive to/from work even for a single day. OTOH, a lot of people actually like to drive, and tens of thousands commute this far and farther into SF every day. So I don’t think this marketing copy is really “false.”

      • Posted by Emanon

        His commute included driving over Mt. Tam and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge every day in a Ferrari?!? I’ll try my best not to think about that tonight while I’m sitting in traffic on an AC Transit bus crossing the Bay Bridge to Montclair.

      • Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

        That beats the commute that techopeasants from Tracy endure traveling to Mt. View

      • Posted by redseca2

        I recall reading once that a certain percent of people with busy jobs and a house full of kids actually looked forward to their long solo commutes. It was the only time that was really their’s each day.

        • Posted by Repornaddict

          Really sad if true. But makes me think of this.

  3. Posted by Mrs L

    I think they overpriced this one. It’s at the end of Calle del Arroyo, where parking gets gnarly during the summer and right next to the public access, so you’ll have lots of people walking past or onto your property all the time. Pricing might be okay if it were inside Seadrift. Maybe.

  4. Posted by Michael

    Ignoring the price, this is my ideal beach house. Stylish but not so fancy you’re worried about tracking water/sand into the house and big enough to entertain but not so big it feels empty when you’re there alone. But at $5.5 mil it’s easily $400K a year in opportunity cost and taxes. That’s a lot of limos, first class flights and five star hotels with money left over to rent a house in Stinson for a few weeks every year…

    • Posted by Pioneer

      Exactly. I rent a house almost as nice a couple of doors down from this for every Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The weather is usually perfect. Feels like a real holiday beach vacation for a total cost $2k, including gas, turkey, and booze.

  5. Posted by mark F.

    Ideal beach house, except it’s only warm 15 days out of the year.

  6. Posted by sf

    I’ll stick with Santa Barbara.

  7. Posted by Anon94123

    Didn’t I read somewhere that the Stinson Beach Water District is having severe water rationing restrictions in place right now?

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