1390 Silver Avenue Fresh and Easy

Grocery Outlet isn’t only planning to take over the long-shuttered grocery store site at 1245 South Van Ness in the Mission which Fresh & Easy was planning to occupy, but also the recently vacated Fresh & Easy location at 1390 Silver Avenue and Somerset in Portola.

As reported by the Portola Planet, an application to transfer Fresh & Easy’s beer and wine sale license to Grocery Outlet has been filed.  And on Tuesday, Planning recommended the transfer be approved.

5 thoughts on “A Replacement Grocery (Outlet) Is Budding In Portola”
  1. I beg to differ – we initially had the same reaction when the Geary Grocery Outlet opened, but it is now our go-to store. We have found items at Grocery Outlet that Whole Foods sells at a 5x markup. And don’t get me started on the wine prices…just awesome.

    1. Yeah but the thing that ticks us off is the lack of meal products. The ones that AREN’T frozen or those kids’ lunchables.

      Safeway, Wholes Food, and Lucky markets have a fresh Deli and Bakery that can customize our order. Even Fresh and Easy has brief luncheon and fresh bakery on their haydays. This is something we’ve been wanting to have for a lower price, but no. That’s never gonna happen.

      Welp, at least I’ll be off to support more of our local small business stores.

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