1390 Silver Avenue Fresh and Easy

The official list for Northern California has yet to be released, but the San Francisco Fresh & Easy at Silver and Somerset in the Portola neighborhood is one of the retailer’s 50 west coast locations slated to be shuttered, as are the Pacifica and Vacaville stores, according to a plugged-in tipster.

The Fresh & Easy at 32nd and Clement will soon become the sole San Francisco outpost for the retailer and the Silver Avenue store should be closed by April 3, according to employees.

22 thoughts on “Fresh & Easy Shuttering Another San Francisco Store”
  1. I’m shocked because the store seemed to always do good business and the neighborhood definitely took to it, especially as the portola/excelsior is another grocery wasteland not unlike the Bayview. Here’s hoping something fills the void soon

  2. What is status of long vacant former Cala site on South Van Ness between 23rd & 24th? Does Fresh & Easy still lease/own it?

      1. Where did that word come from? I was so disappointed when F&E pulled out weeks before their planned open. Are you getting my hopes up about a Molly Stone’s only to crush my spirit, or is it really supposed to happen?

        [Editor’s Note: We wouldn’t listed to that word if we were you.]

  3. I feel like I’ve spent enough money personally at this store to keep them open, but I guess not. Too bad, I’ve been a regular customer since they showed up in Pacifica 4 years ago but now there won’t be a convenient location anymore.

  4. Pacifica store is closing also. So is Vacaville. I understand Concord, Danville, Walnut Creek and Pleasanton Stores are all closing.

  5. Seems a problem with the company, not a location problem. All these locations are good and hope a new grocery store will come in. Sprouts, Safeway, Whole Food etc

    1. Agreed about a place like Safeway (which actually used to be at this location), but the last thing that the Portola district and other nearby middle/working class neighborhoods need, is for an overpriced trendy whole foods to replace one of the few grocery stores in the area.

  6. This type of store needs to be smaller – like a bodega – in a dense neighborhood where people don’t cook as practically all the food is ready-made

    1. Agreed; they’re neither small & quick, or big & comprehensive. We were in Phoenix when these first opened; initially I stopped by regularly, it was right on my way home. But despite nice produce and great ready-made meals, there was a dearth of other things that I wanted – so inevitably I’d still have to hit Safeway on a regular basis. Eventually I just stopped going by Fresh & Easy.

  7. Actually I like Sprouts Market which just opened a store in Daly City in the new Serramonte Plaza center redevelopment.

    Can’t go wrong here, with a Habit Burger across the parking lot!!

  8. I work near a Fresh & Easy in the South Bay and I’m constantly disappointed by its selection and prices. I sorta get their concept but it’s poorly executed.

  9. I’d like to see TJ’s. I think Mollie Stone is too expensive for that neck of the woods. I just got an email coupon for $5 bucks off $25 spent at the F&E on Clement. It would cost me $6 just to drive there from the Portola/Excelsior. What a farce.

    1. Of course you shouldn’t have to drive across the city to find a good grocery store. But $6??? What are you driving, a tank?

  10. Sad to see these go! Oh, the never ending SF struggle to get decent grocery stores. I have always liked F&E’s concept and am glad Clement is sticking around for now. Still wishing for some kind of an alternative to Safeway and Whole Foods to go in at the old Bell/Cala on Post near Franklin. Both those options are undesirable (ghetto and insanely crowded, respectively).

    It’s just crazy how we only have one chain that dominates the mass market*, and that they continue to succeed despite doing such a horrible job here. Safeway was the “nice” store in the suburbs where I grew up.

    *TJ do not count. They lack so many items that you really need in order to cook a recipe, and usually only offer plastic packaged produce. F&E is better than TJ because at least they have fresh prepared food instead of only frozen!

  11. Why is the one on Clement still open? Is there anyone on that stretch of street? Isn’t it even more financially difficult to have one store rather than a bunch — there is no economies of scale with one. I am still waiting for Carrefour to open up somewhere, anywhere.

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