2010 Jackson Street Facade

Listed a “beautiful blank canvas to create [a] dramatic adult house” for $15 million in April, and then reduced to $12.5 million after a few weeks without a bite, the sale of the three-level Pacific Heights pad at 2010 Jackson Street, which was designed by Ted Moulton and originally built for a retired advertising executive and “bachelor about town,” has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $11,500,000 or roughly $2,400 per square foot based on tax records.

And speaking of tax records, the tax-assessed value for the property was $550,023 prior to the sale and the property tax bill for 2010 Jackson was $6,797 last year.  The new tax bill should be closer to $135,000 a year once the property is reassessed.

The sale at $11.5 million is the third most expensive single-family home sale in San Francisco this year, having tied with the sale of 2342 Washington, just behind the sale of 2939 Vallejo at $12 million, and well behind the sale of 2701 Broadway which fetched $31 million a few weeks ago.

7 thoughts on “Former Pacific Heights Bachelor Pad Fetches $11.5M”
    1. It does look a little incongruous with the Roman columns.

      Caesqr, pull your chariot into my temple – oh wait the garage door opener is out of batteries.

  1. Pretty sure that someone with a family, and in tech will snap this up. I think trying to sell this as an “adult house” is bad marketing. I agree with changing the garage door to something a lot nicer.

    1. it’s already sold. overpriced in my opinion. not a great block. grand homes but all of them severely lacking in things you’d expect at this price point. seems big things can command big prices but buyer will go broke fixing this place.

      1. What’s to fix? I’m not a fan of the stair spindles and if I spend $11M on a house I am going to have an undermount kitchen sink. But other than that…

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