Villa Sorriso, Sonoma

Listed for $35 million in 2012, reduced to $29.9 million in early 2014 and then reduced to $25.9 million after his death, the asking price for the late Robin Williams’ 650-acre wine country estate has just been reduced another $3 million, now asking $22,900,000 for ‘Villa Sorriso.’

1100 Wall Road - Sonoma

Located in the mountains between Napa and Sonoma, the 20,000 square foot Limestone villa includes three Kevlar wrapped safe rooms, a legitimate wine cellar and an Alder paneled theater.

Also on the estate: a 3,000 square foot property manager’s residence; a 24-acre vineyard; a grove of 100 olive trees; an array of 36 solar panels producing 300-400 amps; and a spring fed pond.

1100 Wall Road, Sonoma - Pond

19 thoughts on “Another Serious Price Cut For Robin Williams’ Wine Country Estate”
  1. What is amazing is that I know of at least two 20,000 foot lots in Palo Alto that went within the last year for 19 and 20m. Williams’ estate is a colossal bargain in comparison. Cannot believe foreign investors aren’t crawling over this for a prestige trophy.

  2. Don’t know why but this photo reminds me of a key phrase in Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim services.

    Dust you are and to dust you shall return.

    All the beauty, wealth, privacy – it is so fleeting.

  3. Well, if it doesn’t sell after this round of price cuts, they can always rake in the cash renting it out for $20,000 a night on Airbnb. A little pricey compared to the Merv Griffin compound, but that’s a paltry 39 acres.

    1. I’d gladly live in the property manager’s house and just use the pool if there were no AirBnB guests, but the $100K/mo plus taxes plus insurance would leave me white-knuckled.

      I wonder how well high-end AirBNB places do.

  4. “three Kevlar wrapped safe rooms”? Isn’t one enough? Or none?

    And he was pretty much universally liked. Makes me thankful to be pretty much anonymous.

    1. If you have that kind of money, it doesn’t matter how universally liked you are. People know that you or your kids would fetch a pretty penny in ransom.

  5. Most Asian buyers stay away from properties with history of unnatural deaths. European and Russian buyers are hurt by currency woes. Ohlala!! thinks that the likely buyer of this property is a rich retired American who likes wine; not a high tech executive who has a social life.

  6. China is going through some hard times too from what I’ve read in the financial papers. I would love to own this, it’s gorgeous!

  7. What I find amazing as a mere peon in the global economy is how a person could be unhappy, living in that. Truly possessions do not make one happy as this is evidence. My sympathies to Robin Williams as his despair must have been huge to override all the beauty (and love) in his life.

  8. The trophy vacation properties purchased by “foreign” buyers (they call themselves investors) are concentrated in the U.S. in Southern California (10 times bigger foreign investing market than the Bay Area for real estate), Manhattan, Florida/Miami, Vancouver Canada and Hawaii. This reminds me of the days on Socketsite when people claimed the market was flooded with European buyers because someone “heard French being spoken at an Open House”.

    1. True overall, but non-vacation properties can also be trophy holdings. You may underestimate the Chinese purchasing presence in pockets of the Bay Area, like Palo Alto. 20 to 30 percent of new purchases there are by Chinese nationals in PA; that’s anecdotal (see broker Ken DeLeon) but makes sense from what I see on the ground.

  9. Seems like a great “Downtown Abbey” sized country home for the right buyer. The price is quite reasonable for what you are getting.

  10. Home would appeal to the old money crowd who is buying the property for what it is, not that Robin Williams lived there. Perhaps fitting for Dominique Strauss-Kahn to host his upscale private sex parties.

  11. Many of the psychotropic drugs given people suffering from depression have a listed “side-effect” of suicide. That’s some “side-effect” wouldn’t you say? I think that had a lot to do with Robin Williams suicide. He was a lovely man…when I lived in San Francisco for 20 years ran into him a number of times–including at Herb Caen’s funeral where he spoke. I didn’t have the impression that wife #3 was the most sympathetic…The fact that she is arguing with his children over money and trinkets, rather confirms that impression.

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