Robin Williams is trying to unload his 650 acre “Villa Sorriso” estate that’s located at the end of Wall Road between Sonoma and Napa Valleys for $35,000,000.


In addition to five bedroom suites, the 20,000 square foot Limestone villa features three Kevlar wrapped safe rooms, a rather legitimate wine cellar, and an Alder paneled theater.


Also on the estate: a 3,000 square foot property manager’s residence; a working 24-acre vineyard; a grove of over 100 olive trees; an array of 36 solar panels producing 300-400 amps perfect for helping to light the outdoor tennis court; and a 2-acre pond.


Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sf

    Now that’s money.

  2. Posted by Mark F.

    I could see living here. Very nice.

  3. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    Target market: The chinese ‘princeling’ or post-soviet era russian oligarch who already has everything else.
    Maybe I’ll rent and watch David Fincher’s Panic Room over the weekend.

  4. Posted by DZinerSF

    Those theater chairs look familiar….
    Could this be another Arthur McLaughlin staging?

  5. Posted by jlasf

    In Palm Beach or Aspen, one can see the estates. So, I am always amazed by how many massive houses and estates there are in Napa and Sonoma that can’t be seen. If one drives around, only gates and driveways are visible.

  6. Posted by momonthego

    good eye @DZinerSF. i thought i recognized Arthur’s glass coffee tables that he’s so fond of.

  7. Posted by SFer

    I wonder if Mrs. Doubtfire is included in the asking price.

  8. Posted by CH

    I could do without the theater but I love the look of the kitchen!

  9. Posted by BobN

    What year was it built?
    And again with the no-snuggling theater seats…

  10. Posted by derrysf

    3 safe rooms? I had no idea that Napa Valley was so very dangerous.

  11. Posted by Arthur McLaughlin

    For legal reasons, we cannot confirm or deny that we worked on this lovely home, THOUGH I do love to use Mohair seating in my theaters. It’s so retro, and the chocolate brown is so beautiful because it goes with so many colors!

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