Listed for $35 million in 2012, Robin Williams has cut the price for his 650-acre “Villa Sorriso” wine country estate in the mountains between the valleys of Napa and Sonoma to $29.9 million.

Once again, the 20,000 square foot Limestone villa on the property includes three Kevlar wrapped safe rooms, a rather legitimate wine cellar and an Alder paneled theater.


Also on the estate: a 3,000 square foot property manager’s residence; a 24-acre vineyard; a grove of olive trees; an array of 36 solar panels producing 300-400 amps (perfect for helping to light the outdoor tennis court); and a spring fed pond that might a little smaller than last photographed.


3 thoughts on “A Serious Price Cut For A Comedian’s Wine Country Estate”
  1. Draft headlines:
    1. “It’s really quite a Mork down.”
    2. “With pricing, when in doubt, fire.”
    3. “Aim high and hope for a buyer on the celebrity factor? Sounds like someone is goodwill hunting!”
    4. “If you want to sell this place Mr. Williams, you’re gonna need to, you know, carpe diem.”
    Try the veal.

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