If you’ve come to the realization that your annual Easter egg hunt is about to outgrow your backyard and you’re looking for a “little” more space or retreat, perhaps you’d be interested in perusing (or putt-ering around) 437 Whiskey Hill Road.


The seven-acre Woodside estate was first listed for sale at $17,500,000 in 2011. Reduced to $15,995,000 in 2012 and then to $14,800,000 in 2013, the property was withdrawn from the MLS this past August. And the property was just relisted for $15,900,000.


If the main residence is enough for you, we’d be happy to take one of the two cottages off your hands for weekend use. But we are going to want a pass for the pool as well.


3 thoughts on “With Easter Egg Hunts And Putt-ering In Mind: A Woodside Estate”
  1. Suburbs Try to Prevent an Exodus as Young Adults Move to Cities and Stay:

    “It is a well-trod trail: Suburban youngsters enter their early 20s, leave their parents’ comfortable Tudors or colonials for the pizazz of the city, dawdle a few years until they find mates and begin having children and then, seeking more space and good public schools, move back to the suburbs and into their own Tudors or colonials.

    But that pattern is changing, or at least shifting. A recent report on the suburb-dotted New York counties of Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk, based on United States census data, found that those young people seem to be lingering longer in New York City, sometimes forsaking suburban life entirely.”

    Though this is perhaps a little too pricey for your average young family looking for a bit more space.

  2. UPDATE: Having been on the market for the past eight months asking $15.9M but never officially listed, the listing for the seven acre estate at 437 Whiskey Hill Road has just been added to the MLS with an “original” list price of $14,850,000 and “one day on the market” according to industry stats and reports.

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