2974 Pacific Avenue

Built to serve as the carriage house for the Newhall Mansion which is now hidden behind the house and owned by the co-founders of Zynga (Mark Pincus) and One Kings Lane (Alison Pincus), 2974 Pacific Avenue was designed by Julia Morgan and constructed in 1917 with a one-bedroom apartment over the three-car garage.

The apartment was remodeled in 2012, with a rear entrance and dining area that overlooks the rear yard and mansion behind.

2974 Pacific Avenue Yard

Listed for $3.5 million three weeks ago, which is $4,000 per square foot per the MLS as it only includes the finished square footage of the apartment (875) and not the full-sized lot nor garage, the carriage house is now in contract.

No word on whether or not the buyer’s last name happens to be Pincus, but we wouldn’t be surprised. In fact, we’d be surprised if it wasn’t a Pincus or associated LLC considering their new plans for the mansion behind.

11 thoughts on “Pac Heights Carriage House In Contract At $4K Per Square Foot”
  1. Went to an estate sale here years ago, it’s one of my favorite “houses” in all of Pacific Heights. Hope Pincus is the buyer, only way to justify the price other than as a teardown (God forbid).

  2. Pincus seems an obvious buyer, though others looked too. Not much land (or empty garage spaces for extra cars) available in the neighborhood…

  3. It would be best if Pincus was the buyer.

    That garage front with those heavy sliding doors doesn’t provide a legal fire exit. It appears that the layout assumes you enter from the Pincus driveway through the garden gate. There may be an easement in place allowing the owner, and the pizza guy, the cable guy, and all their tipsy friends leaving the house warming to walk down the Pincus driveway.

  4. The assumption here is that it’s not selling for the asking price and presumably much much higher. I’ll start the bidding at $5.25

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