2610 Scott Street

Designed by renowned architect Joseph Esherick and built in 1962, the Mid-Century Modern “Larsen House” at 2610 Scott Street traded hands for the first time six months ago, having been listed for $9.75 million and fetching $11.75 million or roughly $2,525 per square foot.

2610 Scott Street Family Room

And yesterday, the “exquisite and rare” 4,656-square-foot Pacific Heights home returned to the market listed anew for $11.75 million with the buyer suddenly turned seller hidden behind the 2610 Scott Street LLC.

12 thoughts on “Esherick Designed Larsen House Suddenly Back On The Market”
  1. This was sold at an eyebrow-raising price, even with rising prices in the background. This plus quick turnaround – I suspect there will be a loss.

  2. This is a weirdly frequent occurrence. 3725 Jackson. 2698 Pacific is back mid-remodel. 2550 Green has sold three times in less than four years. I’m kinda stumped. I doubt it’s related to economic fortunes of the owners turned sellers.

  3. ^^ Agree. More likely people with immense wealth buying on impulse and trading up when another deal comes along. 2698 Pacific on the other hand seems more curious and perhaps a developer bit off more than they could chew; or perhaps it’s just a play to get someone in early to customize it and cover some cost. 2550 Green is interesting as the last sale was off market. Quite a few deals happening behind the scenes.

    1. McAffee, Minor, Hayden,…
      You’d be surprised how many times a multimillion dollar luxury property impulse purchase was the straw that broke the camel’s back of a tech fortune.

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