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BAR Architects is still working on the designs for a five-story building with four floors of condos over 7,300 square feet of ground floor retail space to replace the two-story Superior Automotive shop building on the northeast corner of 16th and Albion, an Inner Mission building for which MX3 Ventures paid a record setting $8.7 million in 2013, but it would appear as though the expected timeline for the development is being pushed back by a number of years.

While the existing 20,000-square-foot building at 3140 16th Street was being offered for lease with a term of 2 years last year, a term which hinted at the expected timeline for the development, the building is now being offered with a “long term lease,” an allowance for tenant improvements, and a rendering of the building as a “Fine Goods” shop.

3140 16th Street Rendering

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sierrajeff

    Ah those magically disappearing wires…

    • Posted by Bobby Mucho

      Yea. They should leave them in.

    • Posted by AK

      Well it is clearly far enough in the future that the city has had time to underground everything. It is also far enough in the future that we have sufficiently destroyed our environment to make the sky purple.

  2. Posted by Long-time San Franciscan

    This sucks. Build market real-estate already.

  3. Posted by Government Shrinkage

    This whole thing is so sad. Great location, near public transportation. We should be building the full height. If anything, the government should give these guys breaks to make it happen.

    As usual, big government people think they can squeeze the golden goose as hard as they want. And as usual, we’ll just head into an economic slow down and stop building; and as usual, we won’t be ready for the next expansionary phase.

  4. Posted by spencer

    this should be 12 floors and 90 units in this locale

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