147 South Park Exterior

The two South Park condos in the modern four-story building which has replaced a former two-story home, “with no discernible architectural style,” at 147 South Park are now on the market and asking a combined $8 million for the two three-bedroom units: $2,995,000 for the second floor unit #1 and $4,995,000 for the penthouse unit #2 which spans the third and fourth floors.

As designed by CCS Architecture and Geddes Ulinskas Architects, and built by MT Development, the decidedly modern interiors of the two condos feature open floor plans, high-end finishes, and an elevator which connects each unit to the garage (with one parking space per unit) below.

A restaurant will occupy the ground floor space of the building fronting the park.

And while not noted in the listing, unit #1 measures roughly 2,150 square feet and the Penthouse 3,150, not including outdoor spaces (such as the roof terrace with outdoor living room and saline hot tub).

147 South Park Aerial

The current record-setting price for a South Park condo belongs to the three-bedroom penthouse unit #407 atop One South Park, a 2,659-square-foot unit which quietly sold for $3.5 million in 2011.

17 thoughts on “South Park’s Two Newest, And Most Expensive, Modern Condos”
    1. I actually saw a chromed Aston parked in front of the Westfield mall last year. It had orange highlights.

      1. I believe there are a few chromed Aston’s running around the city. One is an Aston Martin Rapide (4-door) and another is a DB9 (maybe). I see them all over, one time even saw the Rapide parked on Lincoln Way at 10th.

  1. Please feel free to linger as you slowly walk up the stairs (especially if you are wearing a skirt or kilt.)

    I’ve seen two Lambos parked one in front of another on 21st & Taraval. Winked at the owner and kept walking just when owner was about to ask if I cared for a ride…

    1. Well… that doesn’t include his new acquisition of the apartment next door for $1.4M in cash. Of course he’s not “combining units”… he’s only creating a pass through.

  2. don’t know, the design seems forced and sophmoric. Angled windows are reminscent of nouveau SF car dealerships, all tied in with the exterior materials makes for so eurotrash. Interior is trying, cabinets seem well intended but not detailed well and strange. I “get” the mirrored facade concept but it is muddled by the horrible entrance, WTF?

    1. This is excellent architectural commentary, k! Kudos! You do use perjoratives, but you explain why you dislike the building. I would agree that the building is “trying too hard”. There is far better architecture across the park and down the street. It seems…gaudy to me. The interiors are rather blandly staged?

  3. Just for giggles, let’s pencil out this 3 bdrm top floor unit. 20% down on $5M is $1M out-of-pocket (though to get a decent rate on this size mortgage I think you need 30% down if > $2m). 4% rate on the remaining $4M is $19,100/month (which one would get a small deduction on 1/4th of that). Your property taxes are about $7100/month. Insurance, what another $500/month? That would put the rent vs buy break-even at about $27K/month for a 3 bdrm apartment (not accounting for the $1M down). And let’s hope your spouse or roommate (ha!) doesn’t need an additional parking space cuz that’s going to cost you. This town has totally gone off the deep end.

  4. Supply and demand 101. For all those want-a-beeeees who can only dream of owing a home in one of the hippest enclaves San Francisco has to offer. Keep dreaming….keep trashing and keep away.

    As I recall there are two homes for sale on South Park….Ok three if you count the condo across from the Shell station on 3rd.

    The last building on the park sold for $5.7M last September. All cash. If you need to worry about the mortgage and tax payments it’s not your cup of tea. I’m sure your better fit for a box in the sky just a short elevator ride up from the lobby.

    Had a chance to walk through both units. They are actually very nice units. Second floor unit is spacious and flows nicely…very functional. Lots of natural light for a middle unit. Third floor unit flows nicely as well and again has lots of natural light as well. Many nice green features and thoughtful lighting ideas.

    Each unit felt very comfortable and not over done with bling. Simple and gantlet. Who ever buys these units will also be buying a spot in one of the most accessible neighborhoods in the city.

    SFO 15 minutes away, Muni one block away, CalTrain 1.5 blocks away, AT&T park one block away…(some may think this is a negative, some may not)

    Weekends and evenings quite as a church mouse…….during the day ground zero for some of the most creative minds in the city.

    Architecturally, I’ll keep my thought to myself. It’s not my cup of tea but then I’m not in the market for a new home. But if I were I would rather live on a park then in a skybox dependent on waiting for elevators to arrive.

    1. Somehow, I don’t think the someones who can afford these units are going to be taking Muni or CalTrain.

  5. Nice alleyway. Filled with work trucks during the daylight hours and assorted smelly riffraff all evening?

    1. Narrow alley, so narrow there are almost never any work trucks in it. The local sketchy riffraff hangout along 3rd at Stillman and Taber, when they aren’t posting on SS.

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