1300 4th Street Site

With the rebuilding of Mission Bay Block 5 underway and the surviving half of the Mission Bay 360 Project having risen on Mission Bay Block 11 behind, the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Group (TDNC) has been selected to develop 135 units of below market rate housing and 10,000 square feet of retail space along Fourth Street on Mission Bay Block 6 East, a parcel also known as 1300 Fourth.

The 135 rental units at 1300 Fourth will range in size from 575 square feet for a one-bedroom to 1,150 square feet for a three-bedroom and will be available to households earning up to 50 percent of the area median income (currently $48,550 for a family of four).  Twenty percent of the apartments will be designated for formerly homeless families.

The $76 million development will be managed by the TDNC with 24-hour property management and supportive services for residents, including after school activities and other programming for youth.

In addition to the housing, the development includes 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail space along Mission Bay’s Fourth Street Corridor, with the northern most corner of the parcel designated for an after school writing and literacy program to be run by 826 Valencia and a double-height restaurant at the “gateway” corner of 4th Street and Mission Bay Boulevard North, as pictured above, with an outdoor space overlooking the future Mission Bay Commons.

1300 4th Street Site Plan

The initial designs for the development by Mithun Solomon + Studio VARA are slated to be approved next year and the ground broken in the spring of 2016.  The first occupancy of the development will likely occur in early 2018.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by carpezeitgeist

    Since the stipend for a UCSF graduate student at Mission Bay is less than 50% of the area’s median income, would they qualify for this BMR housing?

    • Posted by anon22

      That would be a nice idea, but are these units intended for families. In that case maybe post doctoral scientists and staff could be eligible.

  2. Posted by spencer

    most medical residents make under $45K, and they may have a family. Same for grad studnets and post-docs. some have families. if you qualify for these units and get in, is there a clause that kicks you out if your salary goes way up. A med resident may go from $35K/yr to $350K the next year

    • Posted by SOMA resident

      Good point, they’re qualified. Unfortunately, they won’t have a priority and will therefore be among thousands of applicants. As of now, many grad students and post-docs are on the waiting list, or were in housing for 2-3 years and are being bumped out. It’s unfortunate that such people do not have a higher priority.

  3. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: The site plan has since been added above and we now have the early designs for the development as well.

  4. Posted by unlivable city

    If you want to see how a TNDC (Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Group) project looks a few short years after its built, check out their building along 19th street between Florida and Alabama. The dead palm tree in the common are has been there forever. The sidewalks, walls and windows are filthy, etc. Compare that to Valencia Gardens which is pristine and well managed. Why does the city give the bad actors so much money? It smells, literally and figuratively.

  5. Posted by Pfffttt

    How about a soup kitchen to go with this development, hmmmm?!

    • Posted by Anon12

      That is slated for block 3 East. 100 rooms for supportive housing, with good chance for supportive meals.

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