According to architect Mark English, the design of the bathroom suite on the third level of the Glen Park home at 42 Chenery is all about “the bathing experience as an integral part of the private world of the bedroom,” enabling desires of “comfort, sensuality, theater and beauty” and inspiring contemplation.  Check.

Technically a five-bedroom condo as it shares its parcel and yard with the home behind, the 4,200 square foot residence was remodeled in 2007, features a number of other artful design choices beyond the master suite above, and is now on the market and listed for $2.8 million.

42 Chenery Main Floor

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by seriously

    i’m sad they didn’t put the toilet out there! go big or go home.

    also- i’m sure having water splatter everywhere, like across the room or on someone trying to get ready at the sink is meant to be a “feature”.

    • Posted by unlivable city

      If no one ever lives there, they don’t need a toilet.

  2. Posted by grrr

    Someone is going to trip on that half-step or slip on that marble and crack their head open

  3. Posted by mfantasia

    Where do the loofa sponges, shampoo bottles and bars of soap go? The curved step? IS this a joke? Is someone putting us on?

  4. Posted by Jim

    And in case you don’t crack your head open on the dangerous half-step in the bathroom, the architect has conveniently given you another half step at the foot of the stairway where you are sure to fall. Where ever was the building inspector on this one?

  5. Posted by curmudgeon

    Does this mark the height of the bubble?

  6. Posted by frog

    That’s not even the best bathroom featured in the last 2 months. I’d rather have the one from the Dogpatch party pad.

    Now that was a bathroom.

    • Posted by brid

      of porn movie caliber…err, so I’m told

      • Posted by Anon

        porn movies have nice bathrooms?

        I thought they were known for being cheap and tacky?

  7. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Some time in the near future a student at a small private liberal arts college is going to author a PhD dissertation on the psychosocial implication of grand flamboyant shower spaces. And the words “sensuality” and “theater” will be found in the text.

  8. Posted by BobN

    “inspiring personal contemplation” focused mostly, I assume, on the ease of adding a wall.

  9. Posted by Jeff Schlarb

    Milkshake of Despair,
    That is funny. I have a cousin that may very well be ahead of you on this. So ‘heady’.

  10. Posted by BobN

    I like the many outdoor spaces. A couple jarring choices (bathroom scroll work and the banister on the lower stairs… very odd.

  11. Posted by frog

    All it needs is a stripper pole.

  12. Posted by OP

    This makes me anxious.

  13. Posted by midcentfan

    The new owners should enclose the bath and use the new wall for some art and a television.

  14. Posted by Bay Guy

    Where is the “theater lighting”? You know… so the bedroom portion can really watch the show.

  15. Posted by onlooker

    At last a kitchen you can dance in, a kitchen without a center island and its knee-knocking breakfast bar.

  16. Posted by shza

    Funny enough, there is a whole piece on exhibitionist bathrooms in the Manhattan $40M-condo space in today’s Times (name link).

  17. Posted by around1905

    If they really planned this, the marble floor will gently slope towards the carpeted bedroom….

  18. Posted by mercury613

    Um, no.

  19. Posted by Mark F.

    This is a joke, right?

  20. Posted by Mark

    You poor uptight little children… Who cares what you think? No one wants to see you nude anyway.

  21. Posted by Mark

    Trolls don’t look good naked.

    • Posted by mfantasia

      ^ as the architect, you’re not doing yourself or your business any favors by calling everyone a troll. Model or Troll, bathrooms are private spaces for a reason. A rope thrown onto the floor doesn’t constitute good design sense. Beautiful tiles are used with constraint to showcase their beauty. Noone here is uptight for needing privacy where privacy is called for. Having a bathroom that is not functional is not practical.

      • Posted by mark

        A bathroom is a private realm that belongs to the owner of the home- the wishes and desires of the public at large don’t matter at all.

        • Posted by R

          Completely agree. And if the owners/architects/whomever came up with this travesty love it, more power to them. Everyone else with taste or any idea of functionality will immediately remodel.

        • Posted by Barry Goldshower

          I rather like it. Takes me back to fond memories of the YMCA and junior high locker room. For “exhibitionism in delight of libertines is no vice,” to conjoin a phrase.
          And putting a bed in a locker room or spa, where most would have a massage table, well, that’s architecturing.

          • Posted by mfantasia

            all thats missing is Bette Midler singing in a towel and we’re all set

  22. Posted by Live Smart

    Even Magic Mike can’t salvage this slip and fall nightmare. A proper showcase shower would be all glass with automatic blinds in between the glass for those “not show ready” moments.

  23. Posted by jamesjr

    Double yuck. The key to a happy marriage is separate bathrooms.

  24. Posted by Live Smart

    I read the article in NY about the uber rich having see two toilets facing each other. Wow, I thought I’ve imagined everything but apparently I’ve been outdone. Kudos to those who have the bravado to make my nightmare about being in a completely open stall into reality. I hope our paths meet in the future.

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