42 Chenery Master Bath

The sale of the Glen Park home which was remodeled with an open floor plan bedroom/bathroom suite, designed to enable desires of “sensuality, theater and beauty,” has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $2,500,000.

Call it eleven (11) percent under asking and a little under $600 per square foot for the five-bedroom home, a home which is technically a condo as it shares its parcel and backyard with another home behind.

No word on whether the shower “stage” for the theater will remain in place.

5 thoughts on “Glen Park Home With A “Sensual” Shower Stage Sells For $2.5M”
  1. Given the size, location and current market i’d say the seller’s would be disappointed. That bathroom is a disaster on so many levels…

  2. Not surprised at all by the lower selling price.
    The entire bathroom design is ridiculous and without intelligence.

  3. Currently renovating a bathroom armed only with common sense and a limited eye for design. Instead of sexy 3-D wavy tile and dual showerheads, opted for a single overhead shower and separate handheld next to bench seating. Tiles will still be Spanish but with a 2-D subtle wave pattern. It will be money well spent.

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