2900 Vallejo Street

William and Vanessa Getty have just cut the list price for their Pacific Heights mansion at 2900 Vallejo Street by $1.5 million and are now asking $14.5 million for the 8,675 square-foot pad which they purchased for $11.5 million in 2002.  The property has officially been on the market for six months.

Originally designed by architect Louis M. Upton, constructed in 1912, and since updated and remodeled without being gutted, the four-level home features a number of gracious entertaining areas, lavish living rooms and some rather nice views, verandas and terraces which overlook the bay and frame the Golden Gate bridge.

10 thoughts on “Getty Mansion Price Slashed $1.5 Million”
  1. From the two photos above, the decor of this home looks fresh, young, and REAL. Like someone really could live in it. (if wealthy.)

  2. It’s a semi-traditional home inside, so of course no one wants it! Joking aside, this house, while certainly grand, has always seemed to have an awkward floorplan. I’d like to see historical pictures of the home to better understand what exactly has been done to this place over the decades. It comes across a bit Frankenhouse. My gut tells me the entrance was at one point on the side, similar to the Alioto home. In spite of the record “prestige index,” buyers haven’t been flocking to 10+ million homes in D7 this fall.

    1. It is fortunate that many of the original details are there, including that staircase. I agree, though, that the 1st floor is very awkward. The huge dining room, small reception room, 2nd floor living room and hidden powder room are all a bit of awkward parceling in such a large home.

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