According to a spokesperson for the company, Pinterest has dropped its plans to move into the San Francisco Design Center at 2 Henry Adams Street and has signed a lease for space at 651 Brannan Street instead.  And it’s a move which shouldn’t catch any plugged-in readers by surprise.

As we first reported last month, in addition to a proposed Planning Code amendment which would limit the number of floors a building zoned for Production, Distribution & Repair (PDR) in San Francisco could ever convert to office use, an amendment which would limit four-story buildings, such as the Design Center, to single story of office use, a new proposal would also raise the barriers to employ the so-called “landmark loophole,” the loophole which the owners of the Design Center have been working to execute in order to clear the way for Pinterest to move into the building.

2 thoughts on “Pinterest Drops Design Center Plans, Signs New Lease In SoMa”
  1. Hmm. I thought maybe they’d head into the old Jessica McClintock building once ‘Looking’ is done filming there. Anyone have any idea about that space?

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