San Francisco Flower Mart 2014

Kilroy Realty Corporation has agreed to purchase all the outstanding shares of the San Francisco Flower Growers’ Association for $27 million.

If the acquisition seems a bit odd, consider this: the only material asset of the Growers’ Association at the closing of the transaction is anticipated to be an 1.9 acre site upon which the San Francisco Flower Mart currently sits at 6th and Brannan, a site which is currently zoned for development up to 55 feet in height but could soon be up-zoned as part of the City’s Central SoMa Plan.

In fact, as we first reported last year, the exploratory plans to raze 46,000 square feet of the 135,000 square foot Flower Mart and build a pair of office buildings rising up to 160 feet at the corner of Sixth and Brannan have already been submitted to Planning, but the Department isn’t recommending an up-zoning for the parcel beyond 85 feet.

11 thoughts on “Flower Mart Foreshadowing Coming To Fruition, Site To Be Sold”
    1. /sarcasm

      No, no, no. The City is “Transit First”. Build less parking and people will be forced to use transit or walk or bike.

      /end sarcasm

      Your idea is great, but I really doubt it will happen.

  1. why would they block upzoning to 160ft.? 160 is perfect for that location. there is nothing there. this should be at least 10 floors, if not more

  2. Make it bigger, with lots of parking! The site is RIGHT on the off-ramp from 280… just drive off 280 and straight down into 6 levels of underground parking. Everyone leaving the freeway would just be shunted into a garage and park without driving into the city at all. Perfect.

    1. This is far too practical a suggestion for SF politics. They would do nothing to make it easier to have a car.

    2. Well, you obviously don’t live in SF. Ask anyone who actually lives in SF if they’d like to double or triple the amount of parking in their neighborhood. Ask the Haight and Richmond and oh hell, the Marina and Nob/Russian Hill.

      You must be nuts with your “no parking” delusions.

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