San Francisco Flower Mart 2014

As we first reported last year, plans to raze 46,000 square feet of the 135,000 square foot Flower Mart and build a pair of office buildings rising up to 160 feet at the corner of Sixth and Brannan have been submitted to Planning.

Kilroy Realty Corporation has since agreed to purchase all the outstanding shares of the San Francisco Flowers Growers’ Association for $27 million, the only material asset of which is anticipated to be the western 1.9 acres of the San Francisco Flower Mart site.

While the aforementioned plans submitted to Planning did not include replacement space for the Flower Growers and Mart, according to the Chronicle, Kilroy Realty says it will incorporate the market into its plans.

“Our first charge to (architect) SOM was first, let’s find a way to make this project work economically and second, let’s preserve the Flower Mart for the long term,” said Kilroy Realty Chairman and CEO, John Kilroy.

Once again, while the current Flower Mart site is currently zoned for development up to 55 feet in height, it could soon be up-zoned as part of the City’s Central SoMa Plan, but San Francisco’s Planning Department isn’t recommending the parcel be up-zoned for a height of beyond 85 feet.

16 thoughts on “Big Plans For Flower Mart Site Confirmed, With A Twist”
  1. Let’s get real. Its at the foot of a freeway offramp so vast and heavily trafficked that its where the Presidential motorcade disembarks when “he’s” in town. Packing residents into that space needs to be 1st about designing the whole affair to open at the farthest eastern end of the property possible. The intersection adjoining the cafe is especially tricky because it angles away from site lines in a way that reduces driver’s awareness and view of pedestrians. This could end up being Market and Octavia II.

  2. Develop this whole site — and move the Mart to a more interesting area, like a pier or Pie 70 adjacent or further out on Indian Basin or where Dogpatch meets Cesar Chavez and stop romanticizing this unwelcoming location. Rethink this SF ‘institution” (?) altogether and reinvent. We don’t need remnants of plants here — build this out and reinvent the mart to be something more than ever imagined. SF — if you dare.

    1. Where do you think flowers for sale in the city come from – there aren’t flower delivery trucks roaming the streets; flower marts like this (across the country) are central clearinghouses where florists and retailers go to select product. What would you rather do, preserve the space just in case we develop holodeck technology in the next few years?

      Besides, what’s the problem with having the flower mart be the first floor? Residents want to live higher anyway, so why not; I think it’s great that a developer would consider preserving the flower mart use while also building above it. And frankly it’s a great marketing hook – “Live at the Flower Mart Lofts!”

      1. Agreed – it’s a great location and I know many people who would love to live above the Flower Mart.

      2. Spot on– if anything let’s not romanticize what this flower mart really is– a warehouse/distribution facility. The current location’s proximity to 80 and 280 makes sense.

        Also though, people are talking about living above the flower market. Is the proposal to develop housing or just office space?

      3. I like the Flower Mart, I think it’s a good place. And I agree, we need it. But it could be moved to somewhere around Mendell, the Fabric District, or where the grocery mart is now.

      4. It’s my understanding perhaps erroneous that there’s a great deal of small truck traffic here — and if so not sure how compatible it is with residences for ubers.This is an opportunity to fully rethink, re-envision and resource the Flower Mart differently. Elsewhere.

        1. They’re planning offices, not residences. Also, have the Flower Mart owners and small businesses operating there expressed any need for a complete “re-envisioning” of the location/function (minus the actual physical facilities which it sounds like could use some better environmental controls)? Why move them and change the way they do business if it’s not necessary and they can be incorporated into the new office buildings?

  3. I like the idea of mixing the flower mart with new development. This can ensure business with different revenue potential to coexist and ensure some economic diversity. I assume the flower mart is still a thriving business. Unlike the Alexander Theatre where some fans try to resurrect something that is long dead.

  4. fyi. this will be primarily office above the flower mart, not condos. Kilroy is an office developer, and the rezoning is not focused on housing. It’s also basically a half block from the Hall of Justice/jail which is being rebuilt and expanded, along with all the bail bonds and stuff the goes along with it. Just saying.

  5. It was a deal very much like this that led to the creation of The Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. It became one of the most vibrant and loved assets in the city.

    It would be a win/win/win to make space for the market Ina new development.

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