1574 Innes Avenue

Purchased for $565,000 in 2007 and in need of work, the buyers of 1574 Innes Avenue did a beautiful job of remodeling and expanding the living space of the Bayview home.

1574 Innes Interior

In addition to the two bedrooms and remodeled bath on the main floor, the lower level now includes a full bathroom and family room…

1574 Innes Family Room

…which opens to a finished studio space and large backyard.

1574 Innes Studio

Listed for $599,000 in April, the sale of 1574 Innes Avenue closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $915,749.  And yes, this is the one plugged-in people were talking about last month and which generated 26 offers.

23 thoughts on “$300K Over Asking In Bayview? Yes, But Take A Look Inside”
  1. It’s still spitting distance of seven figures in the Bayview.

    Nice work sellers.

    Especially with no building permits (?) Just a gas and electrical from ’08. Property map says the house is 1012 square feet…. Hmmm.

    1. I was one of the 26 offers and measured the space — it’s 1300-1400 sq ft. Never trust the property map in SF.

  2. If you don’t mind wearing a bulletproof vest to get into and out of your home, this is aaaalll good. 😉

    1. Bayview’s changing bro. Just like the mish, Hayes valley, and countless other hoods have. You need to update your myopic POV.

      1. yup. If you’re looking for a house in a neighborhood with potential and you don’t have a ton of money to spend you have to be willing to get into up-and-coming neighborhoods.

      1. That’s hunters point. Bayview near 3rd st is more than a mile away.

        Totally. Different. Situation.

  3. Blame it on the T. If there was still a #15 bus, it might not have happened. I wonder if the sellers in 2007 were happy with the price the got…

  4. Just wait till tech buses start rolling down 3rd Street. It is gonna happen….from SOMA across 7th street, picking up at new apartments and such there, across 16th St, down 3rd Street, past Dogpatch and all the shipyard, redevelopment all along the bay shore, right down through Bayview and onto to the 101 ramp at the south end of Bayview. Google that. haha.

    1. And there are talks of adding a Caltrain stop on Oakdale ave/near 3rd st. That’ll do wonders for tech commuters too. Hope that’s a real possibility- anyone in the know?

      My Bayview investment…Cha-Ching!

      1. That infill stop is sorely needed. Since Paul Ave. was closed there’s such a big gap between 22nd and Bayshore. I have not heard any plans to create a new stop though. The issue is primarily scheduling. If an infill stop were installed you couldn’t stop trains there without causing a negative impact on the rush hour schedule. Something else needs to come first. Passing tracks or electrification.

  5. $749 more then we paid for noe valley duplex in 10/2009. ours was pre-remodel. glad to not be in this market.

  6. In Bayview! Wow. I remember the area as being a very bad neighborhood. Looks like the area is getting gentrified, just like the formerly infamous SoMa.

  7. Once Ritual Roasters opened an outpost in Flora Grubb (just a block away), this sort stuff was bound to happen.

  8. Oh come on man. This is a joke. The agents who per-mote this should be held liable for second bubble that will burst yet once again. Pure bullsh!t. Shame on you, you damn used car salesmen !

    1. How is it the agent’s fault? If there are people willing to pay, what should the agents do? Ask less?

  9. @Frank You are most probably right. Still in the inflation phase for a bit longer. But something someday will punch a hole in it and we will see a repeat. The constant pendulum between acting out of greed or fear. We had many years of fear and dispair and for most of us – our Great Depression. Now we are in the rush of the pendulum to the other side. Not at the peak yet……Greed still feels limited compared to the excesses of our past. And then we will suddenly be in a swing back down motivated by fear. When though

  10. I want to echo previously that the price is so hot that was even more than a Noe Valley duplex. First time when I read was WOW… close to $1Million at Bayview. It is Amazing of how well the market has been recovering since its bust. I have been checking the market and its condition seem much resemble prior to 2008.

  11. “…prior to 2008”


    I wonder if the U.S. government even has enough funding capacity to bail out the Wall Street Casino scamsters and criminals this time?

    “But I work for a start up that makes an ap that turns my cell phone screen different colors depending on my mood. We just got a round of venture capital funding”

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