With Signature’s big Brooklyn Basin project slated to break ground next week, a 66-acre East Bay development which will yield over 3,000 new housing units and 30 acres of open space, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan will outline her plans for attracting 10,000 new residents to the city as part of her State of the City address this evening.

While former Mayor Jerry Brown’s original “10K” plan is credited for jump-starting the redevelopment of Oakland’s Uptown and downtown, Mayor Quan’s “10K Two” plan aims to cast a wider net, with plans for development “all over the city” and along transit corridors.

15 thoughts on “Brooklyn Basin Breaking Ground, Oakland Planning For Growth”
  1. Is Oakland actually upzoning significant swaths of land, or is this announcement just window dressing on projects that were already underway under extant zoning regulations?
    [Editor’s Note: It appears to be more dressing than anything else, but a bit of signaling as well.]

  2. Sam, the beauty of the estuary far outweighs the hum of 880. Also, the constant onshore winds push pollution away from this area.

  3. observant, this project has been in planning for 10 years. Downtown was upzoned in 2009. Chinatown/Lake Merritt BART’s upzoning should be law this year.

  4. Lake Merritt BART Station is 15 minutes away. I just did that walk this morning. Aside from the 880 construction at the underpass most of my walk was along estuary and Laney College…

  5. Could the Editor extrapolate on, “It appears to be more dressing than anything else”?
    We’re considering “extant” to include plans and projects that are either already approved (Brooklyn Basin) or in the works (Lake Merritt/Jack London Square) versus greenfield opportunities or a new push to be unveiled this evening.

  6. Editor, Oakland recently upzoned Downtown and the Central Estuary. It’s in the process of doing so in West Oakland and in Chinatown around Lake Merritt BART. So I’d say Oakland is actually upzoning significant swaths of land.
    [Editor’s Note: We couldn’t agree more and are bullish on the plans. Perhaps we misinterpreted the “window dressing” question or our response is being misunderstood.
    As you note, Oakland has already up-zoned Downtown and the Central Estuary and is in the process of doing so in West Oakland, Chinatown, around Lake Merritt BART. Our only point is that Quan’s plan for 7,500 units appears to be based on these projects versus something new.]

  7. Oakland has blown every chance to be a world class city. Some of the real bad areas are slowing changing.
    You heard it here first the rainbows are buying up vast parcels in the worst areas.

  8. “Ha, that freeway makes this maybe not the most ideal choice.” I would see that as a positive. Easy to get in and out of, as long as it’s not loud

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