With KRON-TV planning to vacate its 107,000 square foot building at Van Ness and O’Farrell and sublet space from KGO, a move which is expected by the end of the year, KRON’s parent company has placed 1001 Van Ness Avenue on the market.


In addition to marketing the four-story building as ideal for a “tech-office conversion” or medical office redevelopment, the property is also being positioned as an “opportunity to entitle and build over 200 units in one of the nation’s premier residential development markets,” the conceptual renderings for which a plugged-in tipster delivers:


The parcel is zoned for development up to 130 feet in height.

22 thoughts on “KRON-TV’s 1001 Van Ness Building On The Market”
  1. I was walking past that building just last week; admiring the lines. I doubt it can be considered historic or generally worth preserving though. IMHO, more high density housing should be built along the Van Ness Corridor.

  2. Not surprised but like the Cathedral Hotel it was an Icon building.
    My guess a highly profitable assisted living building with a high unit count.

  3. Im not part of the socketsite build higher anywhere crowd.
    But this site should be developed and the City should considder upzoning for residential. and give another zoning bonus for inclusionary affordable on site.
    Location, transit neighborhood.it would be a bad mistake to acq/rahab this site — or develop into a squat little box as other site in out of date van ness zoning have done already.
    You will have to deal with pac heights view complainers but that the way it goes. this is not 8 washington.

  4. “But this site should be developed and the City should considder upzoning for residential. and give another zoning bonus for inclusionary affordable on site.”
    Obviously! Anyone really trying to make a difference in that big ceremonial bullding 4 blocks South?
    Think different (ly)
    “The Domino Sugar refinery near the Williamsburg Bridge is the site of a redevelopment expected to have homes, office space and parks, and Two Trees Management — the firm behind the project — has agreed to mark 30% of its forthcoming housing units to affordable housing. The move is a win for the de Blasio administration, which has pushed for more affordable housing in the city.
    Two Trees agreed to the 30% figure, but only if it could build towers as tall as 50 stories along with more office space, parks and the reintegration of the street grid. The proposal was applauded by community groups and planners as far superior.”

  5. Ding ding! Louis for comment of the day.
    “This is not 8 Washington, [Smokey, there are rules.]”
    (Sometimes when I read Futurist, I picture Walter.)

  6. Make use of its location near CPMC. Retail on ground level. Then 4 or 5 floors of medical office building. Then a seniors community, maybe with assisted living, on top.

  7. Just how many medical office complexes do we need. Build residential w/ground floor retail.
    (I think the existing building is fine, and a good example of mid-century architecture. But while people 100 years from now may feel differently, from today’s perspective it has no historic value and so saving it is not justifiable.)

  8. Joe: I agree, even though it won’t happen and housing is a much more needed use. The old St. Mary’s was a beautiful building. I’m just glad that the current building will possibly be demolished. Next up, Fontana Towers.

  9. Whatever the developers do, PLEASE don’t build yet another assisted living facility in this neighborhood.
    God bless our seniors. I give up my seat for them on the Muni. I help them cross the street when they need assistance. And I hope to make it to that age someday.
    But in what should be a vibrant urban neighborhood, all these big buildings dedicated to elderly people (The Sequoias alone has 300 units in a 25-story tower) who rarely patronize local businesses puts a drag on the development of new coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and other nightlife. All of which undermines the quality of life for those of us in the neighborhood who are, say, under 75. Or for those spry octogenarians who also want a fun night on the town within walking distance of their homes.

  10. Tim Bracken are you saying that something should be done about the elderly ghettos that people have spent decades putting into place. Horrors!
    That said, this building has personality, so of course it must be demolished.

  11. Tom Bracken,
    I understand what your saying, but with the Hospital next door this is an ideal place for Seniors so they can via their own power see their physicians.
    As for those under 65, there are still a great many sites needing to be developed North & South of this on the Van Ness corridor

  12. Really exciting to see the Van Ness Corridor come alive! CPMC and BRT are two noteworthy developments, and this would be another huge win for this stretch of the city if it were residential (given what’s walkable nearby). Concordia Argonaut building also hit the market recently, which could make for some insane residential conversions.

    [Editor’s Note: Concordia-Argonaut Club Building On The Market, Going Condo?]

  13. I really liked the architectural design of the buildings. In my opinion, high density occupational buildings are required.

  14. How many senior buildings and facilities are already in this stretch of Van Ness? Is another one really the best use of this space?
    The two demographics that are finding it impossible to move to SF are middle-class families and young singles who don’t make $90K+ or whatever. Let’s stop wasting our resources…there are only so many parcels in this city zoned for actual height and density.

  15. JWS is correct. When San Franciscans get too old to live independently and start to become a drag on the city, they should be forced to move out and make way for the younger crowd. Life-long residents should not be allowed to age in place. They should self-sacrifice and just get out of the city and stop crowding the sidewalks with their doddering pace.

  16. Lots of activities going on along Van Ness, which is great. The hospital/medical buildings on both sides will be great for the surrounding area. With Van Ness having two dedicated bus lanes by 2017, this should divert cars onto other roads (hopefully).

  17. I was watching the morning with Marty Gonsalves
    they broke into the News…the gal talked about the weather and then She announced schools would be closed due to Ceaser Chavez Day She said banks would be open but (named some district offices that would be closed). I believed her therefore telling my Grandsons they had no shool (March 31)
    Can you explain how this happened.I hope to hear at least an apology on the News tonight…all the more reason to rely on KGOchannel 7

  18. Maybe you should call KGO rather than consult a real estate blog. Just a thought. And when you call, it’s Marty Gonzalez, not Gonsalves.

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