A resolution to allow the development of Mission Bay “Block N4P3,” the wedge shaped parcel at 360 Berry Street adjacent to Mission Walk, across the street from Edgewater, and the last undeveloped site on Berry Street , has been introduced into legislation.

While originally slated for condos, the resolution would amend the Mission Bay north development agreement to allow a 129-unit rental project with a mix of market rate and below-market rate units for households with incomes up to 90 percent of the area median to be built on the site.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Hitman

    I think the resolution does not go far enough. They should make the future development 100% rent controlled. That way, nothing will ever get built.

  2. Posted by EH

    AKA the worst smog and noise ghetto possible.

  3. Posted by Sierrajeff

    More seriously – does this say something about the reality/likelihood of the 280 tear-down proposal? If 280 goes away, suddenly the shape of this lot becomes an oddity (presumably King would be extended to run straight into the 280 “boulevard”. By developing the parcel now, does that imply the tear-down idea is DOA?

  4. Posted by Joseph A

    Not seeing any issue with the resolution at all.
    Rental vs Condo works well since this part of town is a hot bed of high tech jobs, and since techs tend to move around rentals are a good fit.
    As for the lot , not seeing why the off ramp to King would go away, if anything I can see the on / off ramp currently located at 6th being moved to 7th and Townsend.

  5. Posted by Stucco_Sux

    That would be a great spot for a nice little park.

  6. Posted by Tyler Stacer

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  7. Posted by Patrick

    Agree with Stucco_Sux.

  8. Posted by mpd

    I live across the street at 335 Berry and hate the idea of rentals there.
    First and foremost it keeps the equity out of the hands of the condo purchasers and keeps it in the hands of the real estate conglomerate that owns it.
    And secondly, rentals mean more beds left on the street, empathy to keep the area and neighbors, moving vans, and general annoyingness.
    What that area really needs is parking.. which would greatly help fill the storefronts on Berry that have sat empty for years.

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