With a cantilevered hot tub overlooking the water filled pool and islands of the living room, Greg Bronstein’s former Dogpatch party pad at 1200 Indiana was a candidate for best bachelor (or bachelorette) pad when on the market for a little over two million in 2006.


Having been headed for foreclosure, the four thousand square foot pad quietly sold to a bachelorette for $1,680,000 in September of 2006. Back in preforeclosure, this time on the 2006 purchase loan for $1,260,000, 1200 Indiana has just been listed for $2,999,999.


Zoned for industrial versus residential use, keep in mind that financing the property might be a little trickier than navigating the islands of the living room after a few drinks.


Oh, and did we mention the temple to (group) showering behind the tub?


18 thoughts on “The Infamous Dogpatch Party Pad At 1200 Indiana Street Is Back!”
  1. Does Greg Bronstein still own it?
    [Editor’s Note: Since updated above, the four thousand square foot pad quietly sold to a bachelorette for $1,680,000 in September of 2006.]

  2. This property is certainly aiming at a niche market. I hope that the seller succeeds in finding the right buyer because it would be a shame to rip out and remodel this expensive interior. Is that an air hockey table? Who hoo !
    Still my #1 favorite bachelor party pad was a house on the corner of 18th and Vermont, next to the school. It featured four bars, one on each floor including the roof deck. The main bar was decked out with commercial equipment including a stainless steam table for happy hour snacks. It was definitely low-brow compared to this glitzy Dogpatch property. But it also had a rather unique shower: the glass sliding doors were each etched with the figures of two men in the height of sexual arousal. One if the figures was upside down so when you slid the doors open the two figures, um, connected.
    The buyer gutted and remodeled that place, no surprise. No huge loss because it needed a refresh anyways even if the buyer wanted to retain the party pad spirit.
    For the sake of avoiding waste, I hope the buyer of 1200 Indiana is happy with the interior.

  3. Who in their right mind would want to live here? It looks like a gym, sort of a white-cubed version of the OC.
    This is not a house.

  4. My favorite bachelor party pad was a loft in NYC’s Soho.
    You entered off the street by way of an original open freight elevator. When you got to the loft floor you lifted the manual wire mesh doors and followed the faint lines in the concrete to where the mint Series I Jaguar XKE convertible was parked behind the sofa.

  5. How did they come up with that asking price? Nearly 90% above the 2006 purchase price. You’d think you’d make a serious ask if you’re being foreclosed on.

  6. ^^^ probably just a wishing/fishing price in the hopes that some newmoney bachelor will be wowed and fork over the cash. Why not? You just fish for a month or two. If you get a strike, then shazam! Extra million for free!
    If you’re skunked, take the property “off the market” (cough cough) for the requisite amount of time and then relist as new with a more realistic price.
    I think that this fishing trick is often tried first for unique properties that have no comps. When there are valid comps you really cannot fool anyone.

  7. It’s practically underneath the freeway overpass, so no one is (or, fewer people are) going to complain about the ultimate buyer’s loud parties and boozy, after midnight group-goings-on in the above-shown shower because said activities won’t be as audible over the background traffic noise.
    It’s in an industrial area, so there are fewer neighbors that are going to actually be around and trying to sleep during the after midnight dionysian debauchery and on weekends.
    In short, the buyer of this place is probably going to think of the fact that this place is practically underneath the freeway and in a commercial neighborhood as features, not bugs.

  8. Sale Date/Time: 7/8/2014 02:00 PM
    Status: Postponed to 07/08/2014 @ 02:00 PM – Trustees Discretion
    Estimated Debt: $2,116,629.47

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