1200 Indiana: Bachelor-tastic!
We’d like to believe that the New York Times drew their inspiration for a piece on bachelor pads from our post on 2002 California (now in contract).

“A bachelor pad is a cultural icon. It has been designed by the architect Frank Gehry for the pages of Playboy and has symbolized an alternative to life as a patriarchal breadwinner for more than half a century. It has earned mythic status. And it has essential ingredients.”

Yes it is, has, and does. And while 1200 Indiana definitely fits the bill (and is still available), we are officially opening up nominations for the best bachelor (and bachelorette) pads in San Francisco.
If the pad is on the market, send us a link, and if it’s not, send us pictures (both to: And yes, that’s a hot tub overhanging the living room…
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