Proposed CPMC Cathedral Hill Hospital Site (Image Source:

With the paperwork having been filed to demolish the existing Cathedral Hill Hotel earlier this year, the pre-construction teams for CPMC’s proposed Cathedral Hill campus were sent packing a few months ago as the City and Sutter Health wrangled over the rewritten terms for the new campus which was approved by Planning, but has been appealed, to rise.

According to the Chronicle, talks between the City and Sutter Health are making headway with the two sides exploring a scaled-down Cathedral Hill Campus while expanding CPMC’s St. Luke’s Hospital, the survival of which was the cornerstone of the City’s concerns.

One thought on “A Scaled-Down Cathedral Hill Campus And Expanded St. Luke’s”
  1. Glad there are able mediators working on this. Obviously, there is too much at stake for both Sutter and the City for the stalemate to continue. One solution is to move an inpatient specialty program with its accompanying beds from Van Ness to St. Luke’s. In any event, for St. Luke’s to be successful, there needs to be a thriving adjacent medical office complex, and the perception that the quality of care at St. Luke’s will be every bit the equal of Van Ness.

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