CPMC Cathedral Hill Rendering
While San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors were unanimously able to affirm the City’s Commitment (but not cash) to St. Luke’s last week, yesterday the Supervisors voted unanimously (save Supervisor Kim who was absent) to once again delay their decision to either affirm or overturn Planning’s approval of CPMC’s long-range development plans which includes the aforementioned St. Luke’s and a new Cathedral Hill Campus.
A mediator has been engaged to help find middle ground in the billion dollar game of chicken between the City and CPMC and the project’s appeal is now scheduled to be heard by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors on November 20, 2012.
CPMC’s permit to demolish the Cathedral Hill Hotel which was nearly approved is now on hold pending the Board’s vote.
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3 thoughts on “Supervisors Affirm Commitment To St. Luke’s, Delay On Cathedral Hill”
  1. What a mess. The Mayor’s team screwed up when negotiating the terms of their agreement. CPMC is over a barrel because of the State law that requires hospitals to be seismically upgraded. Nobody wants to pay for St. Luke’s.

  2. Perfect, just in time for the Supervisor elections. I predict further losses among those whose main talent is provocation, delay, proclamation and posturing. People in the city are over it.

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