CPMC Cathedral Hill Rendering
With tensions running high and accusations flying, the appeal of Planning’s approval for CPMC’s long-range development plan is scheduled to be heard by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors this coming Tuesday, July 17, having been postponed from last month.
With a newly drawn battle line over the continued operation of St. Luke’s, and the Mayor seeking to amend the City’s development agreement to which both sides had already agreed, is it really possible that the $2.5 billion project could fall apart faster than the Cathedral Hill Hotel for which paperwork has been filed to demolish?
Proposed CPMC Cathedral Hill Hospital Site (Image Source: MapJack.com)
In addition to development dollars, in this case, there are, quite literally, lives at stake.
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9 thoughts on “The Billion Dollar Game Of Chicken Between The City And CPMC”
  1. If this project is rejected because the CHNA and other NIMBYs, then I think CPMC should gift the property to the CHNA, and then they can pay the taxes on it. The best would be for the property to deteriorate, and become a home for drug addicts and other squatters. If any of the CHNA asks SFPD to police the property, the SFPD should refuse.
    Members of the CHNA: YOU LIVE IN A CITY! Deal with it, or move to the suburbs. This is a hospital, not a chemical plant!

  2. And irony of ironies, the most famous (and maybe only) film made using the Jack Tar/CH hotel as a set was oh so aptly named…
    wait for it…

    “What’s Up, Doc?”
    I rest my case.

  3. Actually Stucco, “What’s Up Doc?” scenes were filmed in the original Hilton on Geary. The room floor scenes were filmed on a sound stage. They even changed the H logo to a B for “Hotel Bristol.”

  4. Sutter will piss and moan, but ultimately will be forced to keep St. Luke’s operational in exchange for construction to begin on the cathedral hill facility.
    Once ch is online, suddenly, st Luke’s will be even less profitable than it currently is and, will be jettisoned.

  5. Sutter has made far too many concessions for this hospital. St Luke’s looses money, and Sutter is willing to keep it open anyway. The city needs to approve this and let the construction begin.

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