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With a special Planning Commission hearing scheduled for Thursday, at which approvals for CPMC’s Long Range Development Plans, including a new Cathedral Hill Hospital, are expected to be approved following the “extraction” of $115 million in affordable housing, transit and streetscape concessions from California Pacific, as a plugged-in tipster reports, CPMC has officially applied for the permit to demolish the Cathedral Hill Hotel.

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  1. Posted by kg

    So reading between the lines, I guess they’re hinting they’ve finally got this thing locked down and the vote is just a formality?

  2. Posted by SFer

    Kg: That’s what it seems like. Surprised this didn’t take generations to get done.

  3. Posted by marko1332

    Ostensibly in Mexico you hire a middleman to take care of “issues” with government, in SF the Supes unabashadely shake you down in public.
    Nope, this isn’t a bribe, this is social justice; notice the difference?

  4. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    marko1332, one of many differences is that in the U.S., the public at large benefits, not just private corrupt actors. No one at any level is saying that the Mayor is pocketing $115 million. Also, if San Franciscans are as exercised about this as the socketsite editor is, they can vote the Mayor out of office at the next election.

  5. Posted by SFLooking

    With or without the Occupiers? I vote WITH!

  6. Posted by pinkandfluffy

    So, does this mean we get a cool explosion and demolition or will this be a six year piece by piece tear down?

  7. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    I’d enthusiastically vote for a Las Vegas strip-style implosion, but of course the Cathedral Hill Hotel isn’t located in the desert.

  8. Posted by Cade

    Eldergay here: As a kid, I always remember staying here, The Jack Tar, with my parents, Sunday brunch at the top of the Mark or Fairmont and then a day in GG Park, walking Polk for the dinner time search. A whole week of SF fun, twice or three times a year. I guess it is better used as a hospital but I do miss my SF and shall never forget its magic.

  9. Posted by p3p

    Alas, no dramatic explosion. Due to the high density of the area, they will first gut the inside, and then will pull it down one floor at a time, pulling the walls inward.
    Still should be fun to watch, though.
    It will also be interesting to see how they build the tunnel underneath Van Ness.

  10. Posted by buzzyzpop

    yeah, us hippies would sneak in and use the pool. really cool circular pool in the courtyard on the 3rd flr, open to the hotel guests and businesses in the Jack Tar Hotel. We used the business elevator, changed in a hallway restroom and got our tan on.

  11. Posted by adam

    wasn’t there a rumor of a penthouse sealed up with all the furniture inside?

  12. Posted by California

    I just hope this development goes the same way as the Bay Bridge replacement.

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