Last week CPMC requested and received a two-week postponement of the Board of Supervisors’ vote to either affirm Planning’s approval of CPMC’s long-range development plans, including a new Cathedral Hill Campus, or render them DOA.

On the agenda for San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors tomorrow, a proposed resolution “recognizing the importance of St. Luke’s Hospital and emergency room for the Southeastern Neighborhoods of San Francisco and affirming the Board of Supervisor’s commitment to working with Mayor Lee, the Department of Public Health, and private hospital corporations that currently operate in San Francisco to ensure the long term viability and operation of this critical institution.”

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One thought on “Affirming The City’s Commitment, But Not Cash, For St. Luke’s”
  1. I understand the importance of St. Luke’s to the city, but why is it CPMC’s responsibility to keep operating it at a loss? Would the Mayor, BoS and residents of San Francisco be committed to keeping the hospital open if the city was footing the bill?

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