Transbay Tower Rendering 2012

Having successfully renegotiated the amount they’ll pay The City for the land upon which to build San Francisco’s Transbay Transit Tower and Terminal from $350 million to $185 million due to declining market conditions and a shorter tower, Hines might now start construction as early as next summer based on the strength of the market.

According to the Business Times, “[u]nder the best-case schedule, which is six months more aggressive than projections Hines made in March, Transbay Tower and the adjacent 5.4-acre City Park would be completed in late 2015.”

Approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission last month, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors will still need to approve the Transit Center District Plan for the building of the Transit Tower and Terminal at the center of the district to begin.

UPDATE: While Hines is pushing forward, Sue Hestor is pushing back.

9 thoughts on “Transbay Tower Timeline Moved Up, Payment To City Stays Down”
  1. As cool as it would be to have some height, I just can’t seem to like this design. So bland and uninspired. Oh wait, that’s the only type of architecture that can clear the planning phase in SF.

  2. one person’s “bland and uninspired” is another’s subtle and graceful. Personally, I think the detailing is beautiful, and the hollow top is an interesting reinterpretation of a spire.

  3. Actually there are some pretty cool high rise proposals in SF.
    181 Fremont St.:
    50 1st st:
    I also really like Millennium Tower, Infinity, and, to a lesser extent, One Rincon.
    This new high rise district in SF is going to be amazing. But I agree, Transbay Tower is kind of blah, but it will probably look fantastic in person.
    [Editor’s Note: Add Another (Proposed) Tower To The Transbay Mix (181 Fremont).]

  4. Don’t forget 350 Mission.
    I work in an adjoining building. A few weeks ago I received a notice regarding the demolition of the former Heald Business College building at that location. Can’t wait for them to demolish it; the covered area that runs along the outside of the building is a virtual homeless encampment. Folks on the south side of our floor will lose their views of South Beach and beyond, though.

  5. I can’t believe anyone could like ORH but dislike this. It’s not the greatest building ever but it’s far more striking and elegant than that blocky and already-dated-looking project. I did like the taller proposal better though.

  6. ” A few weeks ago I received a notice regarding the demolition of the former Heald Business College building at that location.”
    Great news! Thanks.

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