33 Prosper 2011
As we wrote in January:

Purchased by Mr. Muhawieh for $920,000 in 2007, as plugged-in people know, a 33 Prospect in progress was taken back by the bank and resold for $770,000 this past April.

Having since been redesigned and rebuilt as “a modern showcase for urban living,” the now 2,770 square foot home is back on the market and asking $2,350,000.

Wood, stone, and a few odd modern showcase angles abound.

Officially “withdrawn” from the MLS in May when last listed for $2,149,000, it’s a plugged-in reader that notes the sale of 33 Prosper closed escrow the next month with a recorded but unreported contract price of $2,040,000.
Once again, it’s a violation of MLS member rules to fail to report the sale and selling price of a recently listed property, even if said listing has been withdrawn from the MLS (within three months of a sale we believe).
UPDATE: Within a few hours of our post, the July sale price for 33 Prosper was reported on the MLS. Cheers.
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4 thoughts on “The <strike>Unreported</strike> Sale Price For 33 Prosper”
  1. Good thing the picture doesn’t show the side of the building, viewed from the open lot on the north – it’s even worse! Such a botched opportunity on an otherwise beautiful street.

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