33 Prosper 2011
As we wrote in January:

Purchased by Mr. Muhawieh for $920,000 in 2007, as plugged-in people know, a 33 Prospect in progress was taken back by the bank and resold for $770,000 this past April.

Having since been redesigned and rebuilt as “a modern showcase for urban living,” the now 2,770 square foot home is back on the market and asking $2,350,000.

Wood, stone, and a few odd modern showcase angles abound.

Officially “withdrawn” from the MLS in May when last listed for $2,149,000, it’s a plugged-in reader that notes the sale of 33 Prosper closed escrow the next month with a recorded but unreported contract price of $2,040,000.
Once again, it’s a violation of MLS member rules to fail to report the sale and selling price of a recently listed property, even if said listing has been withdrawn from the MLS (within three months of a sale we believe).
UPDATE: Within a few hours of our post, the July sale price for 33 Prosper was reported on the MLS. Cheers.
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Marten

    Still ugly at that price.

  2. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: At just after noon today, the July sale and contract price for 33 Prosper was reported on the MLS. Cheers.

  3. Posted by zzzzzz

    Good thing the picture doesn’t show the side of the building, viewed from the open lot on the north – it’s even worse! Such a botched opportunity on an otherwise beautiful street.

  4. Posted by Mark F.

    I actually rather like the interior of the place. Outside not so much.

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