Speaking of cruising (not “cruising“), JK Dineen contrasts the feelings aboard his first SPUR (San Francisco Planning + Urban Research Association) cruise in 2006 with those in 2009:

The feeling aboard the SPUR cruise last night was dramatically different [than in 2006]. Many of the developers, architects, and consultants aboard in years past were no where to be seen.

Some lost their jobs; others were unwilling or unable to fork over the $200 for the Bay cruise. One senior level real estate consultant I always hang out with on the SPUR cruise was just laid off.

His last day is Friday. Instead of watching the sun sink behind the financial district he was cleaning out his Embarcadero Center office. The out-of-town developers have all gone away. Crescent Heights, Turnberry, and Fifield all bought land at the top of the market and are still sitting on it as the value of undeveloped condo sites sinks like a stone.

The good news, those aboard did get a nice look at the new Bay Bridge span.
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