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“The prospect of a new San Francisco cruise ship terminal [at Pier 27] became more real Tuesday when the Port Commission authorized a $3.5 million contract with the city’s Department of Public Works for architectural and engineering work.”

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  1. Posted by Brendan Aiello

    This is awesome. I would love to start cruise trips from San Francisco!

  2. Posted by Mole Man

    Way overdue. No palm trees?

  3. Posted by Footballer

    Fine, but don’t mess with the soccer field.

  4. Posted by citicritter

    “No palm trees?” More like ‘NO DESIGN’ given the typical nimby’s and supes’ shenanigans in SF.
    If you want to see an amazing cruise ship terminal, with an incredible park on top, check out the Yokohama Terminal, designed by FOA. Of course, sadly, SF will never ever see anything this progressive design-wise…

  5. Posted by anonfedup

    Citicritter is right. If you want to see how sad the state of public infrastructure design is in most American cities (Chicago excluded), check out the Yokohama Port Terminal which is what we should be getting here. The Yokohama Terminal is an amazing blend of terminal spaces,civic structures and landscaped public areas. Seeing what other cities get makes me even more sad when I see unoriginal designs such as the new Cruise Ship Terminal for S.F.

  6. Posted by will

    Idealists need to realize the limitations of something called A BUDGET.

  7. Posted by Costa Marcos

    2 years later and the project has reached the design stage – completion expected late 2014. Though I do wonder about the cruise demand – both LA’s and SD’s cruise ship business is sinking like a stone at the moment.

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