418 Jessie: Interior

A quick update for the Mint Collection: Twelve (12) of the fifty-two (52) condos at 410 Jessie (“Hales Warehouse”) remain available for sale (77% sold) with studios ranging from $480,000 to $510,000 (433 to 494 square feet) and one-bedrooms ranging from $795,000 to $1,075,000 (996 to 1,242 square feet).

Next door at 418 Jesse (“Station House”) twenty-three (23) of the twenty-five (25) units have been leased. The remaining two:

∙ 418 Jessie #702 (3/3) 1,921 sqft – $6,250/mo (includes 2 car parking)
∙ 418 Jessie #802 (3/3) 1,931 sqft – $6,550/mo (includes 2 car parking)

Also of note, “Mint Plaza is on schedule for completion on Labor Day” with Chez Papa scheduled to open in mid-September, Sushi Groove in late September/early October, and Blue Bottle in early October as well. (No word on what ever happened to the “Nuevo-Latino/Peruvian” restaurant/lounge.)

Mint Lofts: 410 + 418 Jessie Street, San Francisco [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by 6th street regular

    very nice place, but a grim neighborhood. Plenty of the 6th street ruffians all around…

  2. Posted by ex SF-er

    I don’t usually like really modern stuff (and I know this isn’t uber-moderne) but I like the feel of this place. Modern without sterility. It helps that they polished the concrete floors and used a lot of browns and Earth tones.

  3. Posted by blahhh

    The Mint has a very inviting and custom appeal compared to a lot of other conversions. The material play here is quite successful imo in creating that “loft” environment without having over-expressed the industrial tone. The parking situation definitely peeled off lots of interested buyers, but it’s a small project and for those who enjoy walking everywhere 2 minutes away it could be just the right match.

  4. Posted by Market Rate Maven

    I believe I read that 410 Jessie has 2 BMRs out of the 52 units. How is that possible? ~4%? Are there some off site?

  5. Posted by cb650

    Very nice conversion. Hope it indirectly helps clean up the neighborhood.

  6. Posted by blahhh

    #704 is listed for $960k at 1092 sq.ft (0/1) w/pkg. That’s one big open STUDIO.

  7. Posted by Renter

    I am thinking of renting here. Does anyone know anything about this building, Good or Bad?

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